The Nulmaka are an enigmatic fungoid species from the Galactic South-East. Limited in physical capability, they make up for it with potent psionic powers, which they attribute to their goddess Graveesha, the Worm in Waiting.

Basic Information


The Nulmaka move with glacial slowness. They are near-sessile fungal animals that obtained high intelligence early in their evolution. Their frustration at being fully aware and helpless while they were eaten alive by predators gave way to the development of a latent telekinetic ability. No one knows when it was that a Nulmaka first lashed out with its mind at its tormentors, but modern Nulmaka have a formidable ability to propel objects with the force of their wills.   A Nulmaka posses white-grey skin and eight red eyes. Its only limbs are its stalk which can move similarly to a slug. While evolved as a cave-dwelling species, they have forced themselves to admire the light of stars and the emissions of black holes, resulting in them being biologically ill-suited for high uv-light situations, but largely adapted to it through sheer force of will.   Nulmaka do not communicate verbally, their mouths little more more than filters which can make angry noises at best. Rather they communicate via telepathy, and do still possess a written language.

Genetics and Reproduction

Nulmaka reproduce through the spreading of fungal spores. There is no concept of family, advancement through their society is achieved purely through one's merit.   Due to the temporal anomalies that result due to their interactions with the Worm, Nulmaka have been known to appear from thin air. New colonies are found to already be colonized. This has been known to sometimes work in reverse however, with Nulmaka disappearing, sometimes even completely forgotten by their friends. This could however be seen as a form of 'population growth'.

Civilization and Culture


Nulmaka history is perhaps as fascinating as it is infuriating to understand. The Nulmaka evolved on a planet whose star system is being consumed by a black hole. The exact date of this is hard to determine, but the presence of Khaydarin Crystal suggests it was some time after the arrival of the dwarf galaxy.   Rather than fearing the destructive black hole that was destroying their world, the Nulmaka decided to give it a name and worship it, Graveesha. Also known as the Worm in Waiting, the Nulmaka believe the black hole to be very much alive, and the anomalies that occur to their species are but the blessings and curses of their fickle goddess.   Indeed, it is likely Nulmaka civilization would have been consumed by their very goddess had it not been for a massive Starliner drifting into the system. The Nulmaka took the arrival of the vessel as a sign, and it is hard to argue otherwise. The vessel, which would eventually become known as the Aununsha-Graveesha (Graveesha's Providence) was apparently a vessel that the Nulmaka had assembled....or rather...would assemble.   The Aununsha-Graveesha is perhaps the greatest omen in Nulmaka history. The vessel itself was dated to be 30 billion years old, older than the universe itself, yet the remains of its aged computers claimed the vessel was to be constructed in another five-thousand years. The Nulmaka reverse engineered what surviving technology they could, and converted the leviathan vessel into their holy city.   Nulmaka history from there becomes puzzling, with them discovering colonies they had apparently already settled, defeating an interstellar empire that hadn't developed space flight yet, fought a heretic mirror of themselves, and other paradoxical events. As they say "What will be was, and what was, will be".

Genetic Ancestor(s)
Genetic Descendants
Scientific Name
Average Height
1.6 - 2.1m


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