The Mebes are an ancient yet primitive species of giant Amoeba native to the planet Aquaus.

Basic Information

Biological Traits

The Mebes are giant Amoeba, roughly 5 meters in size. They live only about two years, however, since they reproduce via fission, they are effectively immortal. They possess the ability to merge together, as is common in their leaders.

Additional Information

Social Structure

The Mebes work hard to be in balance and in harmony with everything, whether the topic is the environment or foreign relations. They prefer peace and mutual understanding over war and animosity. Even if another society is aggressive towards them, the Mebes will do what they can to avoid "diplomacy by other means." Their form of government is currently unknown, but the members of their society appear to pursue philosophy and exploring. Their leader is actually several Mebes merged together.   Ironically, though, the Mebes' physical vulnerability has also instilled them with a desire to control their environment.   Make no mistake, though. Should the need arise, they can take up arms and conduct "diplomacy by other means."

Scientific Name
2 yrs
Average Height


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