The Eris of Aglis are numerous on the planet's surface and life rich moons, their skin ranges from a pale aqua color to the darkest of greens often with either red, green or blue eyes. Their hair colors range from black to browns and in extreme cases luminescent blues.   The rich moist environment of their homeworld has caused them to evolve in such a way that they can breathe underwater and even plunge into its depths to a certain degree. This has the downside however that an arid environment is very lethal to an Eris.   At first glance it would seem the Eris lack males, the entire species consisting of rather feminine looking creatures. Perhaps them males of the species died out long ago or the concept of gender never really existed.

Basic Information


The Eris are a bipedal species standing between 6' and 8' on average

Growth Rate & Stages

An Erissi will typically reach adulthood by age 20.

Ecology and Habitats

The best habitat for an Eris is a heavily wet one, Terran and aquatic worlds are the best suited for colonization while desert worlds are very lethal without protection.

Dietary Needs and Habits

The Erissi are omnivores.

Biological Cycle

Some Erissi have been known to change color based on the season, though this is typically rare.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

The Eris are capable of touch, sight, smell, hearing, taste. Many are able to possess extra sensory abilities like telepathy and telekinesis though these require significant cybernetics to be usable on any meaningful manner.

Scientific Name
160 - 200 years on average. With cybernetics: 200+


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