The Briari are an ancient species that given the current galactic political climate, finds itself as somewhat of the caretakers of the galaxy.

Basic Information


The Briari are actually an artificial life form, made out of tiny machines nearly indistinguishable from normal living cells. Briari actually reproduce by having two or more Briari build a new one, which shares traits of the ‘parents’. The Briari understanding of this process is purely instinctive. The Briari only know their originators as the “Creators”, and have a remarkable disinterest in finding out more about them.   The Briari typically find physical conflict repulsive, though they love verbal debates. They are not particularly fast or strong, and their body is not well designed for combat. Many a foe has been caught off guard however, by their ability to generate poisonous darts, which are similar to a tranquilizer.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

Briari are named primarily on observations of their parents shortly after their construction. Typically these leads to criticisms about their own creation, but others are comments on early personality traits.

Culture and Cultural Heritage

The Briari possess a hybrid between something resembling between the Internet and a Hive Mind. They call it simply the “Ocean” and for good reason. Finding just about anything in the giant mass of data and individuals thoughts is a great task. A Briari could theoretically communicate instantaneously with a Briari on the opposite side of the galaxy, but finding the specific Briari it wanted to talk with in the Ocean could take years.   Because of this, the Briari love interacting with other species. They love being around individuals that they don’t know everything about simply by being around them. Stories fascinate them, and they have a general desire for the unknown. They have a habit to mimic other cultures they encounter in order to become different than everyone else in the Ocean. Because of all this, Briari are often used as intermediaries between races. They are also commonly explorers and merchants.   In all conflicts they find themselves forced into, the Briari prefer to be in a support role. The major combatants are instead species that have sworn to aid the Briari usually in return for some miracle the Briari worked upon them in the past. The only known exception to this is the Battle of Saba.


It is unknown when the Briari were created, they seem to have survived many repetitions of the mysterious Cycle. Their "Creators" are also likewise unknown, and the Briari give little of their own backstory.   They are known as a rival and one-time uneasy ally of the Akhaale. Though were not responsible for their downfall.

Geographic Distribution


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