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Cirelian Sweet Buns

Cirelian Sweet Buns are a common treat originating from the planet Cirelia. They are commonly sold by sweet vendors or prepackaged and are a common comfort food on the planet. Contrary to the name, the bun is not a type of bread but is rather a type of stuffed fried dough meal, it is also not necessarily sweet in flavor.   They can often be found in Cirelian grocery stores and bakeries, as can the premixed ingredients. They have even been sold on other planets than Cirelia by some companies but they never quite became as popular as they are on Cirelia.   There are many different types of Cirelian Sweet bun, with the dessert version being the most popular often filled with fruit or sugary ingredients; there is also a savory version, mentioned earlier, which is filled with meat, cheese, and vegetables. This savory version is not as popular bus is still a common snack food on Cirelia.


They are made of dough that is then fried, they may be filled with some sort of sweet filling. After they are fully cooked, the fried dough is then drizzled with honey or some sort of syrup and sprinkled with a powdered sweetener.   The buns come in many shapes and are served in many ways, but are commonly formed into small dough balls before frying and then served on skewers.   The savory version of the bun, rather than being drizzled and filled with sweets and sugar, is filled with savory ingredients; with the outside seasoned with spices or some other savory topping.
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Consumable, Food / Drink


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