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Cirelian Provinces

The Planet of Cirelia has been split up into eight different provinces, each led by a political leader called an administrator selected to the office by a vote.   The territories of Cirelia not located on the planet, are not mentioned in this article but they are run in much the same manner.


Capital Province

The Capital Province is arguably the most populated and powerful province on the planet as it includes the planet’s capital and largest population center, Natara City, and its surrounding areas.   The province is mostly covered in temperate biomes with some tropical rainforest to the south and savannah to the east; much of the forests and natural spaces have been taken over by the urban sprawl.


Ettrana Province, also called the Lake District due to its many large lakes, is a very diverse region of cirelia.   The province has a wide variety of biomes, with taiga in the north, steppe and grassland to the southwest, and temperate forest in the east; the east is also home to some highland tundra biomes in the mountains.


Keshell Province is a province on Cirelia.   Keshell is mostly covered in savannah to the north and tropical rainforest to the south.


Cossna Province is a province on Cirelia.   Cossna is a mountainous province and is covered in mostly highland taiga and tundra biomes, with small amounts of grassland to the southeast.


Tren Province is a province on Cirelia.   Tran is mostly covered in temperate forests and grasslands.


Dran Province is a province on Cirelia.   Dran Province is one of the drier provinces, mostly covered in steppe in the north and desert and semi-arid climate in the south.


Osskan Province is a cirelian province that covers the southern continent of Osskan, as well as many of its surrounding islands and oceans.   Due to its being surrounded by the oceans, Osskan is mostly covered in oceanic and temperate climates along the coasts with inland grasslands and steppe near the mountain range to its northern edge. Osskan also is home to many different creatures and plants, that are wildly different from their relatives on other continents due to the region being more physically separated from the rest.

The Northern Reaches

The Northern Reaches is the least populated and least significant of the Cirelian provinces, due to the region's inhospitable climate. Very few people live in the area, making it the least populated of all of Cirelia’s Provinces.   The Northern Reaches are covered in mostly polar deserts with small areas of tundra biomes along its most southern areas. The region is characterized by cold dry summers and cold dry winters.
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