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This is Space Jazz...   The idea is to create a space punk/noir/pulp/western genre to run vignettes in a open table, living world type TTRPG. This genre is heavily based on the animated series. Cowboy Bebop mixed with some flavors of shows like The Expanse and Firefly. The key is no aliens and galactic travel, this is to help narrow the scope of stories and lore that will need to be maintained. Tropes such as Magic, Meta Physical and Paranormal should played down again to reduce the scope for stories and lore to maintain.   Where we begin....   It takes place in the Sol system yes our solar system. Earth was at its height of technological advancement about 100 years ago.   Space Gate technology was perfected that allowed travel between far reaching colonies and mining stations with the Sol system. Outer system travel has not been possible.   Earth Corporations and Government controlled most aspects of space until the Astral Gate Tragedy which made Earth basically uninhabitable.   Technology growth was slowed. Former Earth colonies now have their own governments and megs corps solidified their power and now they plan, plot and fight for control of the Sol System.

See ya around Space Cowboy.