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The Legion of Onkoro

Rank and File soldiers of Makota Keep . They fight alongside the The Scarlet Sentinels to keep the abyss in check, but they are often little more than mercenaries or militiamen seeking glory



Thousands strong


The Onkoro uniform is simple, a tabbard of red and black, tan, or grey along with a utility belt with at least a short sword, or small mace, two water flasks, one ration, one mirror, and one fire starting kit.   Though for specific missions they will be outfitted with specific load outs and kits, the basic one is pretty minimal.


Often pretty base equipment, various pole weapons and bows were often employed to reduce the casualty rate. "You can't die to what cannot touch you."


All legionaries report to a Sentinel. Though how each knight spends their detail is up to them. Most prefer to work alone, defaulting their troops to a Brigadier, who would assign them on missions. Others trained and supported their troops.   The most famous case of this was the "Kune Okua." Otherwise known as "The Wolves of Kune." Led by a senior sentinel named "Kune" each soldier of the Kune Okua was given a torn piece of Kune's own cape, leaving his looking ragged and tattered but ultimately a representation of giving of ones self to ones loved ones. He lovingly trained, provided for, and fought alongside them. Though his tactics were often questioned, they developed what was arguably one of the best combat squads in history.


All legionares are trained in basic life saving and combative techniques. They become proficient with pole weapons, bows, and slings before their time at the Onkoro Academy is complete

Overall training Level
Parent Formation
The Scarlet Sentinels

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