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Makota Keep

Makota keep and it's tunnels were a staging ground for the scarlet sentinels. A special fighting force developed to combat the growing darkness of lore. It was famed for it's warriors capable fighting styles, diverse and dancer like.   It is rumored to have been started by Ameryn. The last of the 4 mages and the only one to survive the ordeal. But the Sentinels pay homage to a lady named Ashanara, the Red. statues of a fair but sad looking woman with shoulder length hair, a calf length cape, and a intricately shaped great sword held point down before her dot the interior and exterior walls of the keep.

Purpose / Function

A staging ground and training area for the Legion of Onkoro. Headed by the Scarlet Sentinel knights, the Onkoro warriors fought the darkness of Lore rigorously. The tunnels of their temple drove deep beneath the sands, allowing them to access the underground recesses of still standing Adrilion buildings and caves to root out the evil within.


Over time the legion grew stronger and more puffed up in their success. They began to pilfer trinkets from below for themselves, and made more expeditions below. And when they did, the darkness sprung up from the sands elsewhere where they no longer patrolled. Eventually they all succumbed to the darkness of the abyss of Lore. And so they were sealed in their keep to fight over treasure and what was left of their sanity and humanity.


Massive Gothic style stonework held the place aloft, built to be a final bastion against the darkness, it stood well as an eventual tomb as the sand could neither sand nor man could buckle it's walls so easily.

Alternative Names
Onua Kai,

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