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The Scarlet Sentinels

The Elite task force of knights who swore to destroy and repel the darkness of Lore.



At its height there were close to 400 Sentinels around the world.


All Sentinels were allowed to carry whatever they could carry into battle, however, the required load out included a utility belt with enclosed med kit, rations, a flask of water, light crystals, and backup weapon of either a Kukri style knife or mace. They were also required to wear a specially designed scarlet half cape and Sentinel helm. (Though due to rank some had variations)


Sentinels were trained in many forms of combat and thus carried a plethora of weaponry. Mostly exotic weapons were used for their easy identifyability and challenge of use. Shotels, Curved Greatswords, Greatswords wielded one handed with a dagger in the offhand, Scythes, Kuni with chains, morning stars, and more.


Often the Sentinels would move by horseback. Horses being fairly rare on Sorenthis made their presence easy to distinguish


Scarlet Sentinels were knights on top of the entire Legion of Onkoro. Though there were rankings of officers that you would be able to gather from their differing uniforms.   Knight of the Oath: The most basic uniform of the Sentinel. They wore a red tunic with a leather vest over it, over their heart would sit a metal baldric that protected them from physical attacks to the left chest, as well as symbolically shield their heart from darkness. They would wear a scarlet half cape over their shoulder and would wear elbow and knee armor. Atop their head they would wear a signature helm with a low brim and a ridge protruding from front to back.   Master-at-Arms: The weapons trainer, coordinator of the knights, and armorer, the Master at Arms often wore a more metallic regalia, a full chest armor would replace their normal leather and single plate attire. They would have a scarlet pauldron, a very short cape that covered only the neck, and upper right shoulder and arm. They would wear a metallic pauldron on their left side, large and capable of defending their face as they attacked. The master at arms would wear a full face helmet in combat so as to not arise suspicion as to who or she was out of combat.   Slayer: Sentinels who took the Vorpal Oath became hunters of the great beasts that spawn in the void. Known for carrying the most outlandish weapons and tools, they were experts of impromptu traps and problem solving, Slayers were the lightest dressed of the sentinels, wearing poncho-like capes woven with metallic fibers.   Arbiter: Patience and elegance are an Arbiter Knight's best friend. Operating as emissaries and spies, Arbiters know how to command attention or avoid it completely. Equiped with an array of gear to accomplish their ends, small hidden weapons, poisons, and an elegant red scarf, they silently save kingdoms, or stoke the fires that burn them from within.   Ravager: With a gutteral scream, a Ravager swings two greatswords as hard as they can, cleaning eight enemies in twain. The hard-hitting backbone of the Sentinel's military, and Vangaurd of the Onkoro Legion, Ravagers bear down relentlessly on the darkness in open combat. Wielding heavy weapons and boasting immense prowess, the fight is already over once a Ravager is born. Ravagers wore Cardinal Kamas about their waists.   Rook: Sentinels specially trained in defensive fighting styles were given heavier armor and the "Rook" title. They were usually the only Sentinels to carry shields for any meaningful period of time. Known for their excellent swordplay and deadly pole-arm combat, a Rook heralded safety to all those in active danger.   Warden: The Abyss Wardens were a special task force of the special task force. Elite and terrifying they wore full red capes that they belted to their backs at the waist so they would not get caught on any protruding surface, they wore full face helmets and ornaments to distinguish who was who or who was important. Inserting themselves where threats were likely to spring up, and overseeing other sentinels' cleanup of the situation, the Warden was the grim watcher over everything.


Shock and awe.


Scarlet Sentinels were hand picked and put through rigorous physical and emotional training so that every knight would be able to easily overcome the horrors of Lore.

Overall training Level

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