Druyo class

The humble Druyo is a fixture in the skies. You'll find them at home both in the civilized skies and striking out into the wilderness. If you are looking for reliable transpiration you cannot find a better option than the Druyo.
— Witch of Travels

This class of Type 2 airship can trace it's design to Aeon of Guidence. It has been referenced in the migration to (ice home) and hulls fitting this class have been recovered from archaeological digs since the melting. It has been decried in the Teachings of the Gods as designed by (god of knowledge). Wrecks that follow the same basic design have been found and dated verifying it's heritage.

With the reindustarlization after the discovery of magic the Druyo class was one of the first classes airships put into production. It's generalist design has been improved and adapted many times. Some adaptations have focused on handling, others speed, others convert from a cargo liner to either a full cargo vessel or full liner. Most of these adaptations have been spun off into new sub classes of airship.



There are illustrations and descriptions of airships resembling the Druyo class shortly after the first mentions of flying vessels. These early designs were works of (god of knowledge) and as such the Druyo class was given it's name literally translating as divine gift. This style of vessel made up the backbone of the air fleets in the Aeon of Guidance. Serving as transports, patrol vessels, and exploration vessels.

These unnamed airships are described in the Teachings of the Gods as were the other unsurviving classes of vessels. However a few managed to survive the eviction from (ice home) such as the noteworthy Northern Wind which was the vessel that found Claire Yamamoto. These few survivors were the last lifeline for the majority of humanity and became the backbone of the early Knights of Claire. These were then used as the basis for the Druyo Class.

Rediscovery of Flight

After the ice retreated and the land recovered humanity began to spread out. With the survivors on their last legs they were used as a rough template for the budding airship industry that was working to create new airships. The Druyo class of airship was built by the Knights of Claire. Combining their knowledge of the Type 0 airships and redesigning the ship to be modular they settled on the basic Druyo hull. Other shipyards produced various different classes of airships however none swept the market like the Druyo class it's mixture of endurance, speed, cargo capacity, maneuverability and ease of operation. This quickly led to reproduced designs by other shipyards outside of the Knights' yards. These copied designs often are debated if they are members of the Druyo class or not.

Modern Reproduction

As time advanced the Knights of Claire stopped production of the Druyo class, replacing it with the more advanced [nameTBD] class. The Knights were the last producer of the Druyo class and as such for a time the design fell out of production. This changed in 183 AR when the Black Iron Shipyard began to produce a line of Druyos. The three ships produced are sometimes called the Black Iron variant as they implemented upgraded flight control and propulsion systems.


General Characteristics

The basic design is a U-shaped hull with 48ft beam, 400ft length, and a 45ft height from keel to top deck. They all have two sets of wings, one forward and one aft with the larger set being in the aft. A rudder extend from each of the wingtips with the bottom part of the rudder flat with the bottom of the hull. This allows for the craft to land on it's belly and make use of it's bow mounted loading door.

Another bennifit of the four wings is the additional stability, as the Druyo can counteract rotation, pitch and yaw from both infront and behind the center of mass. This stability has been one of the characteristics that has kept the humble Druyo in the sky. This stability has been comprimized in the modern evolution of the Druyo.

Modern Sub-Variants

There are three groups of sub-variants those that are solely cargo ships, those that are solely liners and those that keep the cargo liner heritage. These three branches all will hail back to the acient origen of the Druyo Class.

Type: Cargo Liner   Tonnage: 7,437t deadweight   Max Takeoff Tonnage: 9,965t   Length: 400ft   Beam: 48ft   Draught: 45ft   Wingspan: 108ft   Height: 65ft


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