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The Arcana Quest Series Outlining

For the The Arcana Quest Series  

Three Acts: Set Up, Conflict, Resolution


Act One:

Set Up: Introduce hero and ordinary world
  • Antigone: taking exams and a normal uni student
  • Jory: is working at Order of the Seven Stars HQ and dealing with pettiness
  • Phoebe: working in the temple
Conflict: A problems disrupts the hero's life
  • Antigone: father gets ahold of the journal and the locket
  • Jory: Finds out his father has launched an attack on Torrin, which is a university town. The fact it's students only a bit older than him shakes him to his core.
  • Phoebe: Her family is assassinated in a public venue and Phoebe is forcefully taken from the coven and taken back to her childhood home to be crowned empress.
Resolution: Hero's life has changed, pushed into new world
  • Herald: has gained his first Arcane Artifact besides what was already with The Order, feels triumphant and ignores he attacked a civilian target
  • Antigone: tortured and is dying--Logos appears and gets her out of the battle and tells her to run.
  • Jory: decides he no longer approves of what his father is doing or The Order and has to figure out what to do.
  • Phoebe: crowned empress even as bombs are dropped above them deafeningly

Act Two:

Set Up: Hero experiences new world
  • Antigone: Antigone, 1 year later, has run to Dorimus
  • Herald: it's about a year into the war and he and The Order have made a lot of progress but Dorimus is still very much out of reach. He's practically a king now.
  • Jory: is disillusioned and confused and trying to find a way to stop this. Meets a "seer" that his father calls a charlatan
  • Phoebe: has been a queen for a year and is in one of the few places on the continent left not taken over.
Conflict: Hero encounters crisis in the new world
  • Antigone: Antigone reads in the newspaper that someone is trying to break into a museum that has one of the Arcane Artifacts.
  • Herald: is trying to steal both the diadem and the cauldron.
  • Jory: the seer is like you want to stop your father, yes? Jory says yes.
  • Phoebe: wakes up from a dream about the quest and immediately goes to secure the diadem--on her person. Permanently.
Resolution: Hero dedicates to finding solution
  • Antigone: is determined to steal it at a gala celebration at the museum before someone else can
  • Herald: is determined to get the Arcane Artifacts that are known: those two, Antigone's, and find Ariel Aryyn for Green Fire's. Jace tries to bargain for information to keep Antigone safe.
  • Jory: The seer tasks him to befriend the head guard who watches over the Arcane Artifacts owned by The Order of the Seven Stars.
  • Phoebe: is determined to find who is involved in The Arcana Quest, as her seer comes to her and says the quest is beginning.

Act Three:

Set Up: Hero faces trials, victory seems impossible
  • Antigone: she is at the gala alone without Edward, attempting to get it.
Conflict: Hero must find power within to take action Resolution: Hero fights and wins, resolving problem  

Nine Blocks:

Act One: Intro, Inciting Incident, Pinch/Push Act Two: New/Old Contrast, Midpoint (hero stops letting stuff happen to them and take action), Action/Dedication Act Three: Pinch/Darkest Moment, Power Within/Converge, Climax/Resolution  

Twenty-Seven Chapters:

Act One   +Set Up: Introduce Hero and Ordinary World: 1. Introduction (Set Up): 2. Inciting Incident (Conflict): 3. Immedate Reaction (Resolution):   +Conflict: A problem disrupt's hero's life 4. Reaction (Set Up): 5. Action (Conflict): 6. Consequence (Resolution)   +Resolution: Hero's life has changed direction 7. Pressure (Set Up): 8. Pinch (Conflict): 9. Push (Resolution):   Act Two:   +Set Up: Hero explores new world 10. New World (Set Up) 11. Fun and Games (Event/Conflict) 12. Old World Contrast (Resolution)   +Conflict: Hero encounters crisis of new world 13. Build Up (Set Up) 14. Midpoint (Conflict) 15. Reversal (Resolution)   +Resolution: Hero dedicates to finding solution 16. Reaction (Set Up) 17. Action (Conflict) 18. Dedication (Resolution)

Act Three

+Set Up: Hero faces defeat, seems impossible 19. Trial (Set Up): 20. Pinch (Event/Conflict): 21. Darkest Moment (Resolution):   +Conflict: Hero must find power and take action 22. Power Within (Set Up) 23. Action (Conflict): 24. Converge (Resolution):   +Resolution: Hero fights and wins, resolving quest 25. Battle 26. Climax 27. Resolution


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