It's Minias Tirith meets New Orleans!
Image Description: A cathedral dedicated to Lasille the Lovely located on Dorimus's wealthy and affluent Gaving Peninsula  


  Dorimus is a subtropical city-state on an island seperated from the country of Verdun (and the rest of the continent) via The Continental Channel. The city-state of Dorimus, as it is now known, was founded four thousand years ago. Myth states that The Arcana, the nine gods and goddesses, arrived back in the realm of humanity four thousand years ago where Dorimus now stands and the city-state was created from the ruins. It is the capital of the island and it's most populus city at approximately two million residents throughout the year and another several thousand that come during the winter months to vacation away from chilly weather. It is also a major port and one of the major stops for trade in the southeastern continental trade. Since the beginning of The War, it is the only country on the continent not facing significant war impacts due to the magical barriers set in place by the Arcanist Church during the Medieval Wars of 2982 AA, in which the city's Great Temple was lost in a magical explosion and later rebuilt as Mania Cathedral.   The city itself is famous for its diverse population from all over the world,its excellent cuisine, high crime rate, mysterious magical phenomenon, and being the birthplace and religious sanctuary for the major world religion Arcanism.      
Image Description: a picture of the Humanities Building at Dorimus University, formerly part of the defunct Arcane Seminary  

History Prior to The Impact

  Excavation around and throughout the island of Dorimus has found that humans have had civilizations in the area for at least twelve-thousand years, especially around the major freshwater lake Lagunai. The original people who lived in the area prior to Dorimus's creation consist of the Dina, Ursuline, and Grova tribes. The oldest human habitation on the planet of Solus is a Grova village that was found from the local excavation project run by Dorimus University.  

The Impact

  In 0 AA (After Arcana), all that is officially known is that a great explosion happened and great visions of light and giant figures were seen from hundreds of miles away. Arcanists believe The Arcana returned to the human realm at that time while other religions cite it as the arrival of great evil beings, which they justify by gesturing to The Wraithlands that surround the western and northern parts of the island. More natural explanations such as volcanic explosions or an asteroid impact are given as more secular explanations but as Dorimus has a state religion, the religious reasons are publically and officially hailed.  
Image Description: a picture taken facing south from First Night's Burning Square
Geopolitical, City-state


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