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Floating Sea Flower

Floating Sea Flower is a species of plant that can be found floating on the waters of the Radiant Bay. It is a plant that has always intrigued scholars with its appearance and place of living. The Floating Sea Flower looks just like the flowers one can find on dry land, but it is perfectly adapted to life on the surface of the sea. From the surface one can see the corolla with purple petals hiding the stamens and the pollen tube. It all sits on four connected leaves that float on the surface of water. Underwater, the plant has four thin stems that provide it with water and minerals.

The floating sea flowers are an interesting type of plant. They have many similarities to the water lilies found in fresh water basins, but they seem to be perfectly adapted to the salinity of the sea
— A solis scholar


The flowers usually grow in groups of three or five plants making the reproduction process much easier. Pollen from one flower is carried by wind to another flower where it fertilizes a seed. When the seed is ready, it puts pressure on one of the metals forcing the flower to open it allowing the seed to roll down into the water. The fertilized seed then floats just beneath the water surface until it sprouts. Scholars have been trying to solve the mystery of why the seeds don't sink deeper for a very long time, but haven't reached a satisfying conclusion. Currently, most people believe that the reason is magic.

Sea Allergy

As the pollen of the flowers is carried by wind, it doesn't always reach the nearest flower, but flies further. As the result, during the pollination season many sailors report symptoms such sneezing, runny nouse, watery eyes and cough. Today, most ship captains provide their sailors who are suffering with the allergy with face masks that limit their exposure to the pollen.

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