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The dream world is by far the most mystical of the three worlds of Solendar, and the least known. There are several ways to enter the dream world. It is fairly obvious by its nickname, that Sumna'dae is possible to enter through ones dreams. The other way to enter is through the physical entrance that forms the night half of Fuler'dae. It appears as a patch of pure black, a void in the universe. Even those who are soulless and do not posses gaya can enter through this physical entrance. It can be used as a place to run away to when others are hunting, or to heal, or a myriad of other things. Often times one can enter the dream world simply through their dreams, as the name implies. This method of entering does not apply to the Oruk'dae, since they do not have souls.   Sumna'dae is completely different than any other world. Physics are not constant in this world, rather they vary depending on each person. Everyone views it differently, depending on conscious and subconscious thought. For example, if someone enters and pictures a field, a field will appear, but if that person is also afraid of snakes they might see the grass rustle in a way that would suggest a snake is there. Then, because they are thinking a snake will appear, a snake will appear.   Time and distances are not constant. If two people enter the dream world at the same time and are searching for each other, and person A believes it will take them a long time to reach each other, it will take person A long time to find person B. However, if person B believes it won’t take them very long to find person A, it wouldn’t end up taking very long. These inconsistencies are the basis of the dream world. It was designed so that people could try to create things or show each other ideas. When dealing with other people there are a variety of things that can happen. If you are searching for someone who doesn’t want you to find them, you will find obstacles in your way, with increased frequency and difficulty to pass for the more someone does not want to be found.   People will automatically generate their surroundings, just by their subconscious thought. These little worlds appear complete but are in fact quite small. It takes training and mental prowess to extend both the size and increase the reality of a “domain,” as they are called. When two people near each other, their domains will merge, taking aspects from both individuals thoughts. One person will tend to dominate the shared domain, their thoughts are the basis for the shared domain, and the other individual supplies specific details or if some aspects of their world are very important to them, they will push through. Shared domains grow larger and more complete the more people are in an area.   One notable feature of Sumna'dae, is that there is no naturally occurring matter. The inhabitants of the dream world, the Dream Walkers, do not possess any physical substance, and there are no objects of actual substance there. This does not, however, that one is not affected in the dream world. When one takes injuries when they have simply entered through their dreams, they do not take any physical damage, but their body will still feel all the pain. If one has physically entered through the Fuler'dae entrance, they will take all the damage they receive.


There is no set geography of the dream world, it changes constantly depending on who's there. It can range anywhere from cityscapes to mountains that appear to rise as high as one can see. The geography becomes more and more defined with an increase of people. This is true even when in small areas. For example if someone were in a room by themselves, most of the room would be a sort of haze, with only what the person is looking at directly


If someone other than the Dream Walkers were to live in Sumna'dae, they would likely find all they need to survive comfortably. This is due to the fact that, since time is not quite what it

Localized Phenomena

Inside of Fuler'dae, time and space are not constant. This means that someone could enter the dream world (if they were to physically enter it, and not just in their sleep) and be there for a single day in normal time, but when they came out, they could have aged decades. There are many


In the modern age, most people living in Talan'dae do not very much believe in the existence of an actual dream world, more that their dreams are somewhat messages from the thoughts of other people. Those who live in Fuler'dae know of the entrance to the dream world, but very few have every been there.    During the War of Angels, and shortly after, the Soliolis were able to create "pocket dimensions," as they called them. These places were made to have stable landscape, unlike the rest of the dream world. The pocket dimensions were also made to be separate from the rest of the dream world, so even if one were to try to find it in the original dream world, they could not find the pocket dimensions. Time does not exist in these places, they were made as refuges for the peoples of Solendar in case another crisis like the War of Angels would arise. Only a square mile is contained in each of the pocket dimensions. The entrances appear as large stone gateways with a void in the middle, as though no light can flow through. Solioli script is written on the sides.
Alternative Name(s)
The dream world
Dimensional plane
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