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Godkiller, or godbane, is the title primarily given to those who were able to fight the Ko'Eoltos (beings created by Ki'Eoramenae, created by the Eorame, the Oruk'dae, and the Ko'Heomae (created by the Ki'Eoldwynae, created by the Koltoros) during the War of Angels. Although the people who possessed magic powerful enough to actually fight toe-to-toe with the lesser gods, as the lower angels were known, they were much more common among the first generations of the sentient species.   The name was not given out during the war, as the peoples of Solendar were friendly with the angels, and wished they did not have to fight them. Several hundred years after the war ended, the Holy Church of the Ark'angellis created the title to honor the late races that fought off the Koltoros.   Those who possess enough power to take the title are few and far between. It was said that in the twelfth century ALM, there was a Godkiller who possessed so much earth gaya that she closed the gap in the Karpas Mountains, separating the tribes of Kala from the rest of Atalana. Other Godkillers were said to be strong enough to make the sky turn from day to night over a city, divert rivers, and sway the hearts of nations singlehandedly. Many regarded Godkillers as war gods, or at least possessed by the spirit of one of the gods. Although the power is very clear to see, very few have earned the title non-posthumously. This was mostly because it was the Church who gave out the title, and it often took years of consideration to make sure that the person was not only powerful enough, but of sound character as well.   Those who did posses enough power to be granted the title in their lifetimes were granted the additional title Godbane. During the War of Angels, only two humans achieved the title. Since then, only one other has received the title. Godbane were said to be the glory of the younger races. Even the lowest of the angels were no match against Godbane. It was said that one of the Ki'Eoramenae (the Godbane never fought against any of the Eorame, or any of their descendants, only against the mid and lower Koltoros), if weakened, was had roughly the same power as a full Godbane. Whether or not these stories are true is uncertain, two out of the three Godbane lived during the Age of Angels, a time which many deemed to be exaggerated.


The only true requirement for the title of Godkiller or Godbane is that one be of the younger races: human, elvish, fae, ogre, or daedryn. Other than that there are no exact requirements, save that one have tremendous magical power and and was known to have good character. They must have also shown themselves to be a help for the nations.


The title of Godkiller is granted to one by the church, usually after their death. The Council in the church would consider those who had the power to be declared a Godkiller, and would find the most accurate accounts of their character. Once enough documentation was found to be trustworthy, the Council will then discuss if the individual was worthy of the title. The process of finding the information and discussing it often would take years, and not happen 'til after ones death. In the case of Godbane, their power was so extreme that it would take a much shorter amount of time, and in the case of the single non-itari Godbane, it was decided in his lifetime.


Although very few possessed the title in their lifetimes, Godkillers often felt the obligation to protect the world. Often this came in the form of stopping wars, or other powerful individuals who possessed the power of a Godkiller but not the character.

Accoutrements & Equipment

There are no specific items given to Godkillers, merely those they brought into battle themselves.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

Although it has never happened, a Godkiller can have the title removed if new information comes to light showing that they were not of the character that was thought. Even those who have the power to become a Godkiller cannot do so unless they are of good standing.
Religious, Military
Technically speaking the title is still in effect; however, there are none currently who have power enough to claim it.
Form of Address
Ilumel (roughly translating to Terror in the Old Tongue)
Equates to
The first of the Godkillers, and two of the Godbane were Itari. The church announced that all itari were Godkillers, and made the rank of Godkiller to be equal in stature in the church as itari (there is still a large difference though, as the itari were pure in nature, the perfect mortals, touched by the Ark'angellis whereas Godkillers are those who have made their own way to godhood).
Source of Authority
Holy Church of the Ark'angellis
Length of Term
As the title of Godkiller/Godbane was given to those of enormous power and good character, there was no length of term. It was an honorific title that could not be taken away.

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