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The "Silent" Night - Cobh

Operation Parameters

Date 1492 DR, 2 Eleint
Mounted Calvary - Group 1
    • Tavvok
    • Aujirgix
    • Falyer
    • Alexander
    • PVT F-Up #2 (Texx)
Secondary - Group 2
    • Eric
    • Tide
    • Ralla
    • Dune
    • PVT F-Up #1 (HALe)
Tertiary - Group 3
    • Aceso
    • Dragana
    • Klarion
    • Dune
    • Chipper
    • Bishop
    • PVT F-Up #1 (Rurik)
Casualties None



Operation Details

  From Aceso (Tertiary - Group 3):
  It was a silent night. It was an unholy night. All was calm. All wasn't bright.
  As the night drew to a close, the news of those captured would spread throughout the camp. Amidst the stir and concern, the Horsians would gather in the darkness outside the forts walls and begin their march on the port town of Cobh. Back inside, each soldier would hear the voice of CPT Tel, ‘It seems that tomorrows event has become tonight’s concern. We have actionable information that should allow us to help ensure that no matter what the outcome of the battle, the cliffside on which the town rests remain intact. This is an all-hands situation, all those able to fight should assemble by the fire immediately.’
  Mounted Calvary - Group 1
  PVT F-Up #2 (Texx), Tavvok, Alexander, Aujirgix, Falyer
  Secondary - Group 2
  PVT F-Up #1 (HALe), Dune, Ralla, Tide, Eric
  Tertiary - Group 3
  Aceso, Dragana, Klarion, Rurik (Pvt. Fkup #3), Chipper, Bishop
  Tunnel entrances should be near sea; near the city
  Under city of Cobh - network or sewers and tunnels.
  • need to stop the explosives underneath -- up to you how
  • don't stay in too long
  • disable in whatever way possible

  • run if attacked by either side.
  • if attack folk, make sure there are no survivors. (DON'T DO IT...)

      Mission Background:
      Women appears with two people flanking her; hear a loud horn
  • women (smiling) disappears in purple smoke along with priest.

  •   The last person is playing a lute
  • 2 sets of 4 worms come up from underground
  • another set of 4 worms came up

  •   We were able to kill the 3 sets of worms, and the bard.
  • We heard a noise between stables and shop, but no worms came from there.
  • dug in area where we heard sounds; found seed(ish) things; sorcerer determined they were used for homunculus...

  • tried to move Druid to Underjim but she refused.
  • moved refugees and soldiers from barracks to Underjim
  • broke up into teams of 2 to check the camp
  • - one checked stables - one checked medical tent - one did a sweep of the interior perimeter
  • command tent was tended to by the CPT / Commanders

      Preparing for battle:
  • Aceso told everyone to wait outside the locked grove; came back with a drink that gave temp hit points
  • PVT F-Up on front ballista (left)
  • Dyne on front ballista (right)
  • Chipper, Klarion on wall
  • Dragana patrolling to ensure not flanked.
  • Bishop and Aceso are behind gate preparing for fight
  • all 4 ballistae are loaded

  • 30 mins later
  • LT. Ambrose came from Underjim
  • one of the groups returned (Group 2)

  • ranged went to the wall
  • PVT F-Up at the bottom

  • Every torch and fire goes out
  • darkness engulfs the camp
  • horn calls out like before...

  • Volenta appears at fire
  • Dirge (bard) appears near Volenta
  • priest (?) outside gate
  • 6 little worms

  •   Volenta used "mass command" - kneel (a ton of people fell prone)
  • Dirge (bard) seemed to be powering up the worms
  • priest walks up to fort gate, and grabs bars

  • Dirge (bard) dies

  • Dragana saw 5 humanoid shapes moving at pace at full run from the north (opposite side from the camp entrance), but we had our hands full...
  • Volenta teleports, kills Klarion, jumps to the Lt
  • Volenta used misty step as legendary action toward Eric who hit her with
  • CPT revives Klarion

  • priest uses spectral axe
  • priest teleports through gate

  • Aceso used mass healing word to bring up 5 people who were unconscious
  • priest tried to use cone attack, but was counter-spelled by Tide
  • priest dies

  • Lt Ambrose calls out that there are 5 figures entering command tent...

  • CPT banished Volenta; luckily, she never returned

  • Lt Ambrose turned into bird to fly to command tent
  • Command building is TRASHED... they must have been searching for something
  • There was a false panel missing in Rem's office... a hole where something had once been.

  •   The attack was repelled, but it seems the enemy took advantage of the situation.
  • After the battle had passed, and the Mounted Calvary group returned. We were told that they had succeeded in disarming the explosives in the area of the docks
  • Shortly afterwards, a MASSIVE explosion was seen in the direction of Cobh...
  • We don't know if port / cliff are still present... someone will need to investigate.

      From Tavvok (Mounted Calvary - Group 1):
      Riding out of Ft. Vegapath, our team quickly headed on horseback to Cobh, only interrupted by some shadow creatures that took our forms for moments before shifting into amorphous specters. We quickly rode away from them, not wishing to waste time fighting shadows due to our time sensitive objective.
      We were able to sneak our way close to Cobh’s town square, and had just hitched our horses up when we were contacted by command with the information that camp was under attack, they left it to us to finish the mission if we could, and if not, to fall back. Knowing the importance of our mission, it took little more than a quick gaze between our party to solidify our position.
      Unable to take the route that Aujirgix knew near the church as it was blocked off, I got the group to get behind me and we pushed our way out to look for a way below. We were able to lie our way into Cobh's backline of defense, heading around near the port where we made a dash for the sewers, taking arrows, bolts, and strikes alike. Able to drop ourselves down, we quickly got to work ruining every bit of gunpowder that we could find around the underside of the port. All and all, we dumped roughly twenty barrels of the powder out into the sewage, which was all of the barrels under the port specifically.
      We fought our way past two sewer alligators by the time we got all the way to the back where we found a network of wires that seemed to lead all throughout the sewers, including to the areas we simply did not have the time to go to as our priority was the dock. With all of us setting down for a quick prayer, we cut a wire and it didn’t set anything off, we hoped that it would be enough to save the city, as without a second party to help us clear the rest of the tunnels, we just didn’t have the time.
      We pulled ourselves from the sewers and pushed our way home, the sound of fighting turning to the sound of Horsa’s soldiers finishing off what remained of the city of Cobh. On our way back, we found a lady who was found out to be Jericho’s sister. She did not wish to accompany us back as her brother had told her to stay put.
      Unfortunately, an explosion still went off in come as we made our way back into camp. We are hopeful that at the very least the Port survived, but it will take an expedition over there to see the state of the city, and the Horsian soldiers.