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Fort Vegapath has liberated Pembroke, causing its residents to relocate to Caer Callidyr. The village remains uninhabited, and its former leader has taken on the responsibility of being the custodian of the Torriage Wood Moonwell.

  The once proud village of Pembroke lies just north of Rushdown Wood.


Like all humans living in the shade the denizens of the village are entranced, however their physical and mental condition appear far more deteriorated then others the fort has encountered. The scouts report that amidst the many villagers none seems older then 40, nor have any children been reported.


Oddly enough travel to the village seems nearly impossible. The surrounding woods remains littered with all sorts of barbaric traps and arcane contraptions that sever limbs in moments. Moreover, some type of beasts have been reported to patrol the perimeter of the village, but not scout that has encountered one directly has ever returned.

Industry & Trade

Oddly enough, those that managed to penetrate the villages defenses found a bustling economy run by its dreary eyed inhabitants. The village is reported to stock a series of herbs and general goods, a restuarant, and communal bath.


Pembroke consists of nearly 100 wooden structures nested around a central square. Oddly enough many of the buildings are reported not only remain intact but in use. Moreover, it is believed that a sewer system runs underneath the city and potentially out to an unlocated resevoir to the east.