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Pembroke 6: Awaken the Hornets Nest

Operation Parameters

Date 1493 DR, 4 Hammer (26/01/2023)
Soldiers Caelindriel, Luminos, Sketch, Noir, Lark
Casualties None




1. Listen to the Sermon
  2. Sleep the night in Pembroke (if needed)


Caelindriel made a deal with the Kenku for assistance against Julius if it was needed, prior to making it to Pembroke. Caelindriel was also given a doll to help against the darkness. We made it to an empty Pembroke. We searched Pembroke and found Roger had died.
  We heard the music and followed it to an old Cathedral. Saw Berroven at this Cathedral. he led us to the other citizens of Pembroke. Sarah sang a lullaby and we fell asleep. Julius was in the dream.He tried to convince everyone we were heretics trying to hurt everyone. We countered saying he was misleading and manipulating them. We started to convince Sarah and some others.
  Julius shifted and made some magic circles, as well as opening a portal for the World Serpent (Dendarr). Lark and Noir worked to damage a couple of the magical circles. Some of the villages started to attack us. We knocked out the ones that attacked us. Each one falling made Sarah more unstable and more panicky. Julius would jump bodies and cause us to kill the ones he was inhabiting.
  Julius disappeared and seemed to move rooms. Caelindriel went to look for him, but heard the Kenku in his head. Caelindriel heard Julius speak from the crowd and returned to the pews. Caelindriel followed the Kenku's instructions and then cast Disintegrate. Julius seemed to die, and said he would leave this region just before he became ash.
  We woke up from the dream. Eventually Sarah was the first of the villagers to rouse. She was distraught and turned into a dragon and flew away to do some thinking. She would return later and allow us to leave with Berroven's body.
  After Sarah left, Lark noticed the master at the entrance. She walked up to exchanged some words and was knocked out. Caelindriel went over to the entrance area and spoke to the master. He held his side of the bargain and prostrated before the master. He gave up his left eye as had been required to save him and his fellow soldiers. The master left. Caelindriel would heal Lark. The party would leave with Berroven and return to Fort Vegapath. on the way back Caelindriel figured out what the doll given by the Kenku does: the dolls made in the city of Neverwinter, and were made after the spell plague. These dolls are made to steal the bad dreams before they come. They could help us sleep in the darkness.

Follow up

Not required. Check to see how

Preparation Details


Operation Details

Apparently the moonwell was attacked last night. Almost everyone at the fort would have helped them to defend it.
  We intend to listen to the sermon and then sleep there. Ralla wasn't cursed or had any weakness after falling asleep, but didn't sleep long. Laef still believes that the sword he was given is gold and innate but it's just rusty. Most of the illusions melted away after their dream mission. Make our way in the morning and teleported to the southern outpost to begin our way into the snowy cold morning.
  Caelindriel is hearing voices... searched through his bag for something but gives up apparently not finding it.
  Look up over the trees we see something new: the darkness has never reflected or absorbed the light before; the lattice like structure; there is a stack that runs throughout it; the forest seems quiet, and the wind would be strong. We find the pitons, and follow them. We pushed through the barrier which seems to get thicker and thicker, day by day. Quiet. all sounds dulled
  Caelindriel: Continues to hear the Kenku say "friend help!", "share secret... TRADE", "telling him to wait!!! - little legs little legs... wait."
  Noir hears sound in the distance (the music) which almost cuts through everything and is melodic. Noir listens hard to it feeling of calm washes over him, a feeling of peace and safety comes over Noir.
  Then we run into the Kenku. "FRIEND" said the Kenku. Caelindriel walks out. Kenku runs at Caelindriel and hugs his legs. Asks: "scary man here?". Caelindriel says no. Luminous / Lark break the tree line and head into the clearing. Kenku says: "no secret... you know secret, trade..... trade secrets.... help friend", "You trade Pembroke secret", "give secret... friend", "no Pembroke protect.... darkness"
  Kenku pulls out parchment (blank)... and quill (empty) says gives to Caelindriel, "help - trade secret." Lark pulls out bottle of ink, Caelindriel takes the quill dipped in ink. Kenku climbs his way up Caelindriel and begins to write. Kenku passes it to him. Letter reads: "I want to be your friend. Shared interests. If you help me, my master will reward us both." Master description: "secret smart... super smart", "Master also no like darkness... master want to be friend"
  Noir notices: behavior is childlike and erratic, doesn't seem to be a ruse... not malicious.
  The note says: you find secret of Pembroke... we trade secret of Julius." Kenku is looking up at the sky whistling: "Julius secret". Kenku puts both hands palm up and Caelindriel puts his hands on the Kenku's hands. Wind stirs around Caelindriel. Faint circle forms. Caelindriel tells of : darkness and falling, then being ripped through not pretty place. Caelindriel says he hit the ground, but it was not painful. Look around, another flash as he saw a massive city: Pale skinned Shadar-kai enslaved, A war machine at the brunt of it's power.
  Kenku voice: "Julious Tanthoule... little prince". "Julius little prince... bad little prince"
  Noir: cannot place "Tanthoule" but can associate it with the war that happened near Cormyr.
  Kenku leaves Caelindriel, but Caelindriel keeps hearing the Kenku in his head occasionally. We hear this song carries through the leaves. Some of us feel calm. Just as it comes to an end. In front of us is a ruined town: Pembroke
  Lark sends Rubble to investigate, and see if anything is going on. Noir able to constantly hear that song constantly, coming from the east/south-ish area. There is a faint light coming through in Pembroke. Which is odd, and seems to be at the wrong spot
  Rubble reports one dead person. No blood. Found dead person in the room off to the side of the meeting room. It appears to be Roger. No blood was spilt, and no apparent injury. Not sure what killed him.
  Everything Roger was working on is non-sense... random words. The main chapel has three locked tomes that look placed there recently. 3 of them; each bound and placed in a locked glass cage.
  Blue Book:
  • almost like a crazy drawing on the nights sky; stars of some kind; 2nd page would be blank, this is not rogers hand writing; motif: sense that there is this begging... theme of stars.

  •   - 6 ducks went to the market, but got lost in the stars
      - 6 apples fell through the trees from the moon... come back to us
      - numbers of items would change but all similar
      Green Book:
  • first page... drawing of gemstones... diamonds. rubies. perles... gold bars and coins

  • second page: blank, faint indentations of the page before on it.

  • next page: "pleading; ask to guide us, shepherd us once more.", "28 men fell down 6 mountains into the gold... now gone... please come back to us"

      Book White:
  • first page: - bars of music with manic depictions of trees; full moon, light casting down, familiar image of three woman beneath a tree

  • second page: written over and over... more and more erratic and panic: "Kinvara" shifting to saying mother after some times. Manic and erratic sentences: Deep and crying pleas. Some kind of song or lullaby. Almost as if it's a child plea for their parent to return, giving a sense of sadness and desperation. "Mommy I miss the days... please come back once more... any sacrifice.... how could you leave us... we need you more than ever... where are you?

      The handwriting in these books seem to match, same style in all these texts. Very unique dramatic... and emotional
      Noir puts the books back, walks to entrance of the chapel. Then suddenly turns on his heels and heads back through the chapel, and out the right door near the stage of the chapel. Noir begins heading toward the music in the east. Luminos: grabs Noir and he snaps out of it. Sounds similar to what happened to Ralla... a strong compulsion and then fell asleep. Noir is completely sure this is the same
      We see a large stone structure in ruins. The voice coming from deep within this place. Seems to be a temperate climate within this area. Kind of like the fort. Words of the song are intelligible. Stained glass windows; some broken. The song would stop suddenly. We noticed the song isn't quite as perfect, more nuanced, less like the perfect recording.
      Making our way along the edge peeking in the windows: lots of water damage in this structure, some walls seem knocked down. Half the group looks around the front. Faintest of murmurs coming this building. Nondescript moans and mumbles, someone is inside. We join the other that went to the back.
      The others walk around the back. There is a small pool on the backside of this structure. Rubble found a fancy grave in the building behind the main structure by the pool. The sarcophagus: female figure,
      Then a voice would ring throughout "Can I help you? Hello, are you lost?". Claims that he is "Roger", but Lark knows him as Berroven. "Special prayer for his arrival", he's so happy to have found this place, something like a dream.
      We would see all the inhabitants of Pembroke in this room, almost all are asleep. There is a person on the steps --- seeming also asleep (Sarah). She is swaying back and forth, some sort of air swirling around her. The air shimmers around her, as if a different temperature standing unlike everyone else.
      Our people make their way up
      - Roger seems nervous, and wants us to sit with everyone else
      - he is not malicious - seem caring and kind
      - Roger's first day... responsible for getting everyone shepherded here
      - hands together... slumped over and asleep. peace and sanctuary...
      Kenku says: "doll...doll sneaky sneaky.", "people doll... no hidden, but hidden"
      Luminos: apparently saw this Sarah at the front executed in a dream (See "Sleepy funtime Sage mission") Detect Magic: not seeing much, no auras. Divine Sense: nothing!
      Lark: asking Roger: why is everyone here asleep and not awake
      Roger takes his place at the top of the alter (past Sarah). She is swaying, then opens her eyes slightly, and smiles faintly. She begins to sing. We hear that voice: different, warmth that would come over us. Our eyes would grow heavy, as we begin to drift off to sleep. Everyone but Caelindriel seems tired. As we fall asleep... see the cathedral but it's changed. Warmth coming in from the windows
      In this "dream" Sarah says: We've gathered here to welcome Roger into our family. For peace, tranquility. To hide awareness from this war / darkness. We continue our quest and journey to reconnect the people with their roots. This is one of the few things that can save us and in time, hope to give again. She goes on to say "our speaker" will be here soon to welcome you all. We noticed the cathedral has depictions in the stain glass -- 3 woman and the tree
      We hear foot steps against stone. Roger is standing and listening, a book in his hands. He is attentive as Sarah would speak. Everyone turns to the steps and sees Roger. Roger reads: "We gathered here today to behold what was lost to the folk people. Something long forgotten; essence in the spirits and old ways that we are strong, strongest power in the world, even of the gods themselves." Roger speaks of: Aspects of the earth mother herself, more powerful, her position taken, an imposter in her place. What was once gain, gathered to remember, to remember the World Serpent, killer of the moon guide us as the brightest of forces comes our way remember it is kind. These things that are important... together... if we pray and follow these rituals.... listen to this song, i truly know that we will be alright... we will make it through.
      The thing they are praying to:World Serpents -- some kind of snake... god like in power.
      Figure with hood up would step out. A scarred and familiar Julius. Shit eating smirk on his face. He gives us all a nod. He steps to the stage, taking over for Sarah. He calls our group out as Heretics. He claims we want to ruin everything the Pembroke citizens have done. Crowd is getting worried and Julius is starting to turn the crowd against us. Sarah believes whatever this man has done... is for the greater purpose. Then these people are FROZEN in this moment... not moving almost like stuck in time. Caelindriel talks to the woman and tries to convince her of Julius' likely intent. Sarah has this unimaginable anger... rage, which does not seem to be aimed at anyone in particular. Everyone tries to help convince Sarah... that this is a lie or wrong Julius doesn't like to look at Noir.
      Her anger seems to turn to confusion. Her lower lip would part and she would brush her hair out of her eyes. At that moment Julius says"... I never liked this place anyway...""
      Julius does something, and red magic circles appear on the ground. Purple mist comes from it, every single one of these people begin to stir. Sarah collapses in tears and seems to have a panic attack.
      Julius says he cannot die here. He raises a single hand over his head. A faint sliver emerges from his back and raises into the night sky above. The tear opens and a tiny tiny head making it's way toward the opening.
      Lark tries to pervert the magic circle with stone shape. Stone shape magic wouldn't quite work but the terrain begins to shift. Cartoon like stone covers the magic circle and obscures the markings.
      The villagers attack us. Caelindriel hits Julius with thunder, Julius would slump over face would shift violently revealing another middle aged man. Cry of this creature above us. We
      in the pews, would hear the faint laugh of Julius. Caelindriel looks for Julius. Caelindriel heads back to the pews with all the citizens, finds Julius and the casts Disintegrate!. Serpent mouth smashes the closing tear.
      Noir covers/moves the bodies of those who died. Someone has cut out some organs of Berroven. Sarah wakes up: "How could you kill them? Why would he set them on fire." She tells us that we have to go she needs to think. Sarah sprints to the room to the north... pushes out through the wall. We lose sight of her as she would turn to a Silver dragon would take flight and fly out into the distance.
      These people don't seem to wake when we try to wake her. They have a similar mark on them - kind of symbol the eleven, a faint scar. The Silver dragon lands somewhere nearby. Berroven is brought with us. Lark sees a figure at the entryway. Their right arm made of blue energy. A large tome in his left hand, he is standing with white hair.
      Lark talks to the figure. She is knocked out. Caelindriel goes up to talk to him. He then falls to his knees and the figure disappears. Caelindriel pulls out a potion and heals Lark.
      Dragon would land by the door. Dragon takes a single step forward, turning into a girl. She tells us to leave. She lets Luminos take Berroven's body.
      Caelindriel figures out what the doll given by the Kenku does: the dolls made in the city of Neverwinter, and were made after the spell plague. These dolls are made to steal the bad dreams before they come. They are made by the spell scarred and only the spell scarred. They are a form of plague changed...ones touched by the spell plague. This being one of the benefits of the plague itself... allowing them to make these dolls"