Blythe is a haunting, coastal village that has borne witness to countless horrors and, against all odds, survived. Once a simple seaside settlement, the influence of the Shadevari mages and a destructive tsunami have left the town permanently changed. The architecture is a mix of quaint, aging structures and grotesque remnants of Netherese magic. Despite the palpable aura of oddity, there is an underlying sense of resilience in Blythe.


Blythe is home to around 500 unique individuals, almost all of whom bear the scars of their past—physical reminders of the vile experiments. These citizens live in a state of flux between their human selves and the beasts they were unwillingly merged with. This phenomenon, known locally as "The Change," has shaped the cultural fabric and societal norms of Blythe.   Individuals' animalistic traits influence their societal roles and status. Those with predator ancestry naturally gravitate towards leadership and protector roles, while those of prey origin often fulfill support roles. These groupings, reminiscent of packs and herds, form the cornerstone of Blythe's societal structure. The town has also seen a rise in unique occupations adapted to their unusual abilities and forms.   The townsfolk are largely good-hearted and resilient, displaying an admirable tenacity in their quest to survive and thrive amidst the strangeness of their lives. Although their customs may appear odd to outsiders, there is an undeniable sense of camaraderie and mutual respect among Blythe's citizens.


Blythe is governed by a council of three known as the The Fang, Fur and Feather, each representing a significant faction within the village based on the "pack and herd" structure. One represents the "predators", another the "prey", and the last is a neutral party, often someone with a balanced blend of traits or a foreigner, to ensure unbiased decision-making.   The council members are selected based on wisdom, leadership abilities, and contributions to the town's wellbeing. They convene at the Council's Lodge, the town's administrative hub, where they make decisions regarding the village's management, defense, and external relations.


Blythe's defense relies on its villagers' unique abilities and residual magic. Runes etched stones stand as sentinels, releasing disorienting shadow magic when disturbed. The Night Watch, a local militia trained in harnessing their beastly forms, forms the frontline defense. Blythe is a town that has learned to protect itself from external threats, drawing from its unique strengths and arcane resources.


Blythe's infrastructure stands as a living testament to its tumultuous history. Only a week past the devastating tsunami, the town still wears the scars of the disaster. Buildings that once stood proud now lean precariously or lie in ruins, streets that were bustling with activity are now flooded, and what was once a picturesque seaside settlement is now a town partially submerged.   The majority of the houses, constructed in traditional coastal styles, now stand on precarious stilts, hastily added to cope with the rise in sea level. Streets that were once busy pathways are now semi-aquatic channels where residents navigate in rowboats, skiffs, and rafts.   The Shadevari mages, during their reign, had brought significant changes, and their mark is still visible. Ancient Netherese artifacts used for public utility, such as public lightings or magical defense systems, lie scattered around the town, some still functioning while others lay dormant or broken.

Points of interest

The Flooded Docks: These partially submerged docks whisper tales of a time before catastrophe. A collection of sunken huts and shadowy figures lurk beneath the surface. Fishermen teeter on rickety stilts above the waters, casting their nets in silence and withdrawing unsettling catches from the gloom.   The Menagerie: A curious emporium nestled in the town's heart, its feathered shopkeeper is a grotesque yet mesmerizing figure. It offers a bewildering array of unusual trinkets and potions, each with a tale as twisted as its owner. An undercurrent of secret knowledge prevails here, with whispers that Netherese artifacts pass through the shopkeeper's clawed hands.   Shadowsong Tavern: A hushed gathering place, Shadowsong offers the dual comfort of anonymity and camaraderie. The patrons, each bearing the mark of their own peculiar curse, drown their sorrows in potent brews. Melancholic tunes float through the air, courtesy of the Pigspeaker, his mournful melodies echoing the town's collective lament and acceptance of their strange existence.
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