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The god of night, day, and change. This god represents the inevitability of change and that we must adapt with the changes - or so the followers believe. They are depicted as a blended Dragon of Copper and Steel or as an androgynous figure with a steel bracer on one arm and a copper bracer on the other.   Mirriven was originally introduced to the Party as Nero Morrinvale, the paramour of the city of Ostenforth and financial supporter of the Soldaana Coalition. Since then, Nero has revealed himself as the God of Change and that he is trying to observe and learn how mortals decide to change the directions of their own lives and fates.    They have also revealed more of their ancestry and that he is one of 4 parts which split from a greater god, the second eldest named Loterna. Mirriven is resigned to his fate and that him and his brothers and sisters are fading away - until the Party began to find the Tears of Soldaana and that his brother Asha was doing the same. After this revelation Mirriven decided that he wanted to help the Party and the rest of Soldaana take control of the magic and essence of the gods to have a world of their own - his time and the time of his siblings has lasted more than enough. It is time for their creations to control their own world and change their own destiny.    Currently, Mirriven exists in a plane between the mortal plane and the cosmic plane as he has somehow shifted between the two to protect Isohana and separate her from Asha's reach. However, their influence and help is limited in this place.


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