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In the beginning, the universe sparked and flashed in an amalgamation of color and light. Over time, these colors and lights swirled together and formed the mother of the Gods, Soldaana. Just as she was created, Soldaana sought to create and form in her own image - birthing children of solid colors of which she was comprised. Over the millennia she reared 13 children, the last and youngest being Asha. Asha was a shadowy and wispy color and hue and he grew jealous of the beauty and power of his brothers and sisters.   Asha saw himself as the weakest and ugliest and tried to come up with a way that he could have more influence over his family - so he began to scheme. He began to whisper lies and twist truths, sowing discord among his brothers and sisters. Asha convinced them that like their mother, they too had the power to create in their image and that they should create their own worlds and spheres. The gods and goddesses began to slowly do this over time, convinced that they should have dominion over their own work and life and they began to create. However, as they began to shape their own unique lands - teeming with life and diversity that reflected themselves - they began to lose their magic and powers as it flowed into their creations. Asha saw this and took glee in his plan. Yet, not all would be as he imagined.   The gods and goddesses felt that their magic was waning and became angry at one another, one brother blaming a sister and one sister blaming another brother and so on. This led to a clash among the gods as well as their worlds and creations. The lands began to smash together and the life within mingled together in a melting pot of war and strife. Asha saw this as an opportunity to begin removing his brothers and sisters and began to sow further discord and lies into the races and creatures that lived in the now mortal planes. However, Asha found himself caught in the crossfires of his siblings' blind rage and his magic too began to fade.   They creation, war, and conflict caused the gods to begin to lose their godly coil and they took on mortal representations - in the form of powerful dragons. Further angered by this, they continued warring until an ultimate clash, known as The Convergence, that caused all of the worlds to violently collide and threaten extinction of all races in the mortal plane. Up above, two gods still remained: Soldaana and his first and eldest son, Varaak. Soldaana's heart ached for her lost children as well as for their creations, who had no choice in these matters. So Soldaana descended and used her magic of creation to stabilize the realms and prevent cataclysm. She began to meld with the mortal plane and the worlds slowed and stopped, making large land masses in one combined sphere. Weak and heartbroken, Soldaana wept for her children and their children and her magic seeped into the land and out across its expanses.   Before her descent she tasked the potential aftermath to be in Varaak's hands and upon seeing his mother lose her form and self he vowed that he would try to keep the peace. He took ownership of all the mortal races that had been flung together in The Convergence and sought to guide them through birth, life, and death as it was his mother's final wish.   Since The Convergence, the races of Soldaana - the continent named in honor of a long-lost forgotten myth of a God - have lived in relative peace and harmony. Political and economic motivations grew and led to war and conflict but also led to knowledge and growth. Yet, in the corners and shadows loom ancient remnants of the past. Remnants who still latch on to power and magic, guiding and influencing mortals as best as they can with the immense magic, divine and otherwise, that they still possess. Over the centuries it is unclear what their motivations are and what could possibly await the future of Soldaana and its denizens.