273rd Regiment

The 273rd Regiment is an elite force within the army of theEmpire of Earths . They are known as "The Ironclads" due to their armoured vehicles, but also a slight nod towards the history of the people that make up the soldiers of the 273rd Regiment with many of them being from colonies that Europeans originally settled.   The regiment was originally formed as a light infantry regiment in 2401. Still, within the first few decades of its existence, they had slowly transformed into a heavy infantry regiment with a high degree of armoured support in the shape of IFVs, APCs and MBTs


Regimental Commander: Colonel Marcus Thorne, a decorated veteran with a keen strategic mind and a reputation for leading from the front, much to the irritation of his superiors as they never quite know where he is.   Second-in-Command: Major Elena Korsakov, known for her logistical skills and ability to maintain morale under the harshest conditions.   Platoon Leaders: Each platoon within The Ironclads is led by experienced captains and lieutenants who have risen through the ranks, demonstrating exceptional leadership and combat skills.


A deep sense of camaraderie and loyalty binds the members of The Ironclads. Veterans often mentor new recruits, passing down tactical knowledge and regimental traditions.


Armour: The regiment’s signature equipment includes reinforced combat armour that provides superior protection against kinetic weapons. The armour is designed for mobility and durability in various combat scenarios.   Weapons: Standard issues include the Mk 25 rifle, the Browning .50 calibre machine gun and the M99 service pistol. Each soldier is also equipped with a multi-purpose combat knife and grenades tailored for different engagements.   Vehicles: The regiment is equipped with mechanized vehicles, including infantry fighting vehicles, armoured personnel carriers, and main battle tanks. These vehicles are designed for rapid deployment and sustained combat operations.


Back in the day, the Ironclads were formed due to the rapid need for soldiers as the Empire was growing and the central government needed to boost its power base, the first round of soldiers were sparsely trained but as the regiment got older and began to form its own identity and get more experience under its belt, it began to develop its style of training, still within the framework of the official requirements set by High Command, but the Ironclads made it harder to join the regiment by removing the minimum requirements, which from one day to the other meant that the regiment from then on only would get recruits that could pass the highest requirement and therefor qualify for service in the regiment.   Over the years, the regiment has participated in numerous campaigns, mostly against pirate groups but also the occasional uprising.


  • If a recruit throws up during basic training, they will buy their squad the first round of beer.
  • If the property of another regiment is left unattended by the other regiment, its the Ironclad's duty to "safeguard it" at a secure location by the use of Strategic Transfer of Equipment to Alternative Location 

First in, last out

Founding Date
Military, Army Regiment
Alternative Names
The Ironclads
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