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I Am the Bogeyman

"I am the bogeyman. I am the cure for your disease... It does sound kind of grim, doesn't it? Being polite and kind about things such as inequality and discrimination doesn't work in this world, unfortunately. I had Brandi help author it for me, as I am not the best at this style of writing. As she wishes to stay anonymous, I am claiming full ownership of this text."
---Ke'tlan's comments on the document


The point of this document is to personify the notorious bogeyman that is running rampant on both news outlets and internet forums. The so-called bogey has made headlines for over 3 months at this point, and the people behind Pandora want to finally give this bogey a face. It is but one step that Operation: PANDORA has carefully taken in order to get the people to side for the cause.

Historical Details


The Great War started the mass-discrimination and erasure of non-Human people; the organization that this document comes from wishes to bring it back into the public subconscious. Even after the events of The War, non-human sentients have been dying at the hands of humans. This is but a single mark of the pro-sentient revolution.
Text, Letter
Digital Recording, Text
Authoring Date
28 Cetos 2018
Ratification Date
Khronos 2019
Signatories (Characters)

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