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Alternate Earth

Alternate Earth is a version of Earth with different a different topographical and geopolitical layout than the real world. It is an alternate timeline where many real world events still occurred, but in a slightly different way.


The planet consists of seven major continents.


Is a continent located on the western most side of the map on the north hemisphere. It's known for it's diverse landscapes, with vast moutnains, dense forests, and expansive badlands regions. It is known for being shaped like a crowing chicken, and is separated from the East by the massive Atlantic Ocean.   While minimal contact between this continent and the eastern world had existed, it wasn't until the 1400's that solid contact was made with the people in the region.  


A western country located south of Baccalearum on the south hemisphere. Known for it's gargantuan rainforest that takes up a third of the continent, as well as it tendency towards earthquakes that are actively causing part of the mainland to separate from it. The Great Iberian Rift is a massive canal formed at the bottom of the continent where the land is separating.  


A small continent east of Asis and north of Afrin. Tends to have regions of milder climates with heavy rain and cold winters. It has a land bridge that connects it to Asis, it's neighboring continent.   It's known for the Europan United Nations, where all of the countries have a shared currency and have regular meetings about economic policies and relations.  


The largest continent on the planet, it takes up most of the eastern side of the map. Its large land mass stretched from the coldest northern regions of Veilkaya, with the humid, tropical southern regions around Bituin. It also has sprawling mountains, some of the tallest in the world. It is connected to Europa via a land bridge.  


A warm continent that sprawls along the equator of the planet. Known for its jungles, deserts and vast savanna. It is a fantastic archeological region as it holds the ruins of the earliest human ancestors.  


It's Australia, but upside down.

Localized Phenomena

What makes this world unique from earth is the existence of tangible magic in the form of Spirit Magic. Though the ability to use magic is not available to everyone, and has fallen out of practice as the world has modernized, spells and curses are very real and normalized in society.   Everything has a ghost, and these spirits' energy and manipulate the world around them. it's believed that the spirits allow for the existence of other magic entities and cryptids, that keep themselves hidden from humans. Miinu are an example of one of these hidden species.


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    Alternate Earth is a version of Earth with slightly different changes to it's topographical layout and history. New countries have formed as a result of this alternate timeline of events, though some cultures still resemble their real world counterparts.
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