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Once Upon A Time

Done in honor of WA WAA 2024: Worst of World Anvil April 2024
Once upon a time in a far away land 7g dafjbdfhjsdhf sssssssssssafhdjhfjskfdj hfr4747yrysfuhksdf jhfsajhs a. And then the prince was jd fjjjdf jsjdf west of the banks was a strnage old man, who loved chocolAte.   And slept outisde. s   There was this bridge that was old. It broke one day. Somehow.Tired was the princess. Like me. And then she met this strange old man under the bridge who liked chocolate. Like me And she said, 'hi' and he said, 'hi.'   It was a nice conversation.   She left. Probably to find a prince. I don't't know. I'm really tired and confused.d And I just don't know what I'm doing with my life. Like what is this! It's just writing words down. THey don't mean anything. What is my life coming to!   I can't beleive I could have been a docotor. Or a lawyer. Or both! I could have been in student debt for the rest of my life, but at least I would have [/colorrbeen on my own. [color:FF1493]But no! I'm just a writer, still living in my parents basement.   What have I done! I should have married him. I mean, he was nice! Too nice? Maybe My standards are too high. I'm so tired. I just want to sleep, but my deadlines tomorrow and I haven't even started planning my story!!!   My parents are going to kill me.................dasfjksjkjdghhghgghdfszzzzzzzzzzzzz   And the princcess met this guy. He was handsome and stuff.Or something.They talked. But he was kind of boring, but he was handsome so I guess they got married. BUt that's kind of lame, but despite people telling them 'no' They got married anyways.   No one's even sure if they even had a conversation before that point, but whatever. It's fine.   And they lived happily ever after.   The End.   Oh, but wait there's more. There was was a curse on the princcess. Because that's genius. And this curse is vague, and I'm not entirely sure what this conditions of this curse are but I can just leave it up to the *imagination*. So, then the curse did something and (genius move here!). The prince breaks the curse. He sees past her annoying, petty, narcisistic attitude, and falls in love somehow. Even though she's way to bossy and managerial he loves her anyways.   but then she breaks up with him, because he's too nice. He just falls over for her. So, she gets engaged to another prince, but he's just a jerk. Probably because he doesn't do everything she says, so she breaks up with him.   And then she finds another prince, and I guess he's a good in-between. I'm not really sure. Again probably handsome. To fulfil the diversity quota we can have him be blonde. We've only had brunettes so far. I think.   So, then fjdfhfffffffffffffffffffff and then they kissed and got married.   And lived happily ever after.   The End.   OH! but there could be a dragon. It is *input mythical stars here* fantasy *input mythacal stars here* after all. So there's a dragon that scoops up the princess before she can say 'i do' And the daggon starts flying away, and so the prince jumps on his horse to save..............   ANd he rescues her or she rescues herself. I'm not sure what audiences want at this point. But then they get married or something. I'm really not sure.       Maybe I should just get a regular job. Like Chik-fil-A. I hear they pay well. Or Costco.Good benefits. Maybe I should just stay here in my parents basement and rot.[/color] I doubt they'd like it, but maybe I could just inherit thier house by living here longer than them.   Oh, random thoughts. I'm so tired...fffkdkkdfjffhhhhhh] hhhhhhhhhh     Then the prince and princess lived happily ever after. Hip-hip hooray!   The End   ghjsahjdsgjhdsjgdfjghdjhgjhgshdghghgghgh   zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz               My editor didn't like my story. I got fired.                       I'm going to bed.


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