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A Warning to the People

This decree was issued by a king who believed the magical community or Tekhne Possena was a group of people who were to be wiped out.

He issued this decree near the beginning of his reign and was eventually repealed decades later. However that did not change the thousands of lives this decree took.


This document was issued to force the magic users out of hiding. The people where to reveal who was a magic-user by informing the kings men. It was also to warn any person who wished to be a magic user the consequnces of doing so, which was either life in prison, death, or torture.

Historical Details


This decree starts decades of strife and distrust between the people of the kingdom. It caused every person to be on edge. It was said that people would walk down the street and not say a word, fearing even saying a sound would be thought of as muttering a spell.

Public Reaction

The people were already on edge before the decree had gone out due to several rumors of magic-users killing people. This decree only seemed to affirm those suspicions. For the next several days the people were in a ner constant state of suspicion and paranoia.

This document was a source of fear and anger. Many people were scared of the magic-users, but some were angry that the king had let something like this go unchecked. Making some rebellions start happening, not because they cared about the magic-users, but because they disliked the king.


This document is not a highlight for this kingdom's history. It is seen as something to never be repeated, as this document caused the death of many, possibly millions of people. Some of them probably weren't even guilty.
Decree, Royal


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