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The Riftans are the oldest and most prestigious family in the Skydweller world. They were one of the original families to find Princess Sonja and have been a major part of Skydweller history. Leading generals, revolutionary scientists, adventerous Charters, daring Monitors, vital political leaders, and many more important positions have all been filled by Riftans. There have been other important families, but none have lasted as long as the Riftans. The Riftans also have a tendency to be Bonded to members of the Royal dragon family. The very Riftan name commands respect. Their line has nearly died out: Olivia and Skylar are the last.

Onward To Victory



Author's Notes

I'll explore more of the Riftan family history and add in some specific names later. They'll have their own family tree and will probably be mentioned a couple of times in the timeline. For now, just know that they're pretty important.

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