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Whalen-Bedford Mine


Located carved into the side of a mountain, the Whalen-Bedford mine sits with a wide, yawning mouth.   Its depths have been scraped thoroughly clean; cave-ins and collapses killed over a hundred miners during the years the mine was in operation. Infamously, there was an entire mining track within the cave which had a reputation for killing those who worked it. This tunnel was called the Ashdeath Tunnel, and singlehandedly claimed the life of over fifty of the workers who perished in the mines.


The ecosystem within the Whalen-Bedford mine has been perpetually disturbed and is unable to settle. Once, the mine contained a vast variety of cavebound organisms, but now the coal mining, stripping of resources, and destruction of valuable underground waterbeds has removed this once-present creatures from their natural environment. It took centuries for the lifeforms found within to even begin to return.

Ecosystem Cycles

The life that has begun to return ebbs and flows. In the winter time, these re emerging creatures hide in the depths, hibernating in deep tunnels and crevices where they can survive the winter season. If one were to enter the mine during that time, one would believe it deserted of even bats.    In the summer and spring, however, these organisms are in full hustle and bustle. They are energetic, with clouds of bats seen emerging from the mine, and rumors of Catamounts and other cryptid creatures hanging in the air as well.

Localized Phenomena

If one ventures into the tunnel structures, there is a chance of hearing a ghostly wail that echoes off of the mine walls and chills the bone.

Natural Resources

Coal was the initial resource found in the Whalen-Bedford mine, but in the 1830s, gold was discovered in a subterranean river.   Additionally, the mine broke through into a crystalline substructure, which has never been explored. This was considered a potential spot for tourism before the mine's closure.
Additional Rulers/Owners

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