Pale Decay

Pale Decay spreads from the west coast to the rest of the Cradle of Stars, mainly through an excessive the consumption ofHoly Blood. It is nevertheless contagious. On another note, it is good to remember the undue neurological and physiological effects of the disease and thus avoid being in the presence of an infected person. When taking Holy Blood, the weakest people seem to be affected first. Symptoms are numerous, the most common being skin discoloration accompanied by horrific visions and constant hunger. As the condition worsens, the sick individual sees creatures from the darkest part of the imagination in a delirium most likely coming from the pain of their limbs deforming into a bestial form that seems to be a twisted, tortured, feral predator more than a human. There aren't any known treatment yet. Torn between its titanic visions that make it feel insignificant, the pain of its emaciated limbs and unconditional hunger, the patient gradually turn into a bloodthirsty cannibalistic beast. There aren't a lot of symptoms, delusions, strong physical transformations particularly painful leading to a long agony in the most violent madness for the majority of cases. Some people resist the madness but die all the same in atrocious suffering. Some believe that greater use of Holy Blood  will overcome this affliction. Experiments are being conducted to determine if this is indeed the truth. In any case, the best way to prevent this disease is to avoid consuming Holy Blood.


Seeming to be the result of too much consumption of First Blood, the patients are of course concentrated around the hospices that have access to it, mainly in the South-West of the island.


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