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Blight is a strange and powerful substance. Many pre-bombs scientists sought to harness the liquid magic to no avail. Modern scholars go to great lengths to avoid the liquid as the risks far exceed the potential rewards. It has never been seen in solid form but some believe gems to be its solid for and the amount of force, energy, or magic required to convert it back to a gem to be immense and well beyond the capabilities of current technology. In its liquid state blight appears deep purple giving the surface a weird surreal appearance. As a gas it is pale grey and lighter than air causing it to flow upwards and collect in the clouds until purple rain comes down.


Material Characteristics

Solid: Unknown Liquid: Deep purple, thick like honey when something is passing through it, but flows like water when pulled by gravity Gas: Pale grey

Physical & Chemical Properties

Blight is a form of condensed magic that in its liquid form is toxic, highly mutagenic, and caustic. In a gaseous state it slowly dissolves anything above it, being lighter than air, and causes intense nausea in anyone that inhales it.


This can be used in numerous magic recipes, most are a toxin of some kind but some aid the user.

Geology & Geography

This material is found all over Equestria's surface. It is most common in the waterways and in pools around expired gem cores.

Origin & Source

This material originates from gem cores that have been activated and have been used. Once the core detonates it cracks and blight begins to slowly leak out.

Life & Expiration

Blight lasts until it is intentionally destroyed.

History & Usage


Blight has only existed for about 2 years.


Blight was discovered after the first gem core was dropped on the main changeling hive in the south east. The core causes all changelings nearby to become permanently feral but once dropped it cracked and the fluid began leaking out.

Everyday use

A terrain hazard. The worshipers often fill trenches with it.


Blight is highly mutagenic. Any contact with it can cause permanent changes to ones body and just being near it can cause radiation poisoning.

Environmental Impact

Plants usually survive the fluid but are hardly recognizable. The animals that survive are twisted monstrosities or undead parodies of life.
Very common
Rotting flesh
The liquid appears purple, as a gas it is grey.
Boiling / Condensation Point
212 degrees F
Melting / Freezing Point
1 g/cm3
Common State
Related Locations
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