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Country of Brishella (Bri-shell-uh)

A maritime Kingdom that has made the oceans their home rather than conquer them. They've learned to adapt to their new surroundings after much of the planet's surface was left as water after The Shattering.


Brishella is an Oligarchy ruled by a trio of champions. Those who have proven their power through might and wits are chosen as the next champion to rule one of the three regions of Faldor; North, South & Oceania.


  1. The good for the whole comes before the good for an individual.
  1. The waters of the earth provide life.
  1. The skies are a dangerous place, but not evil.

Public Agenda

Keep the oceans a safe and clean place, free from the corruptions of the rest of the world.


Having barely survived The Shattering, their ancestors slowly reclaimed what little land was left. Quickly running out of available land and resources, in-fighting began. For hundreds of years this went on. Eventually turning to the ocean to unlock its abundance of resources, the citizens of Faldor grew fins and gills to adapt. Eventually 3 champions arose to unite the warring clans. These champions led the Faldorians to peace and prosper, splitting the rule of the continent between them and establishing the country of Brishella.
Founding Date
602 After Shattering
Geopolitical, Kingdom
Neighboring Nations

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Grandmaster Eraellas
Brian Nicholson
25 Jul, 2022 07:32

I like the simple way you structure the notes for this place! It makes it quick and easy for readers (and you, I imagine) to see what needs to be seen.