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~988 AS

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Shalar was once a world ripe and flowing with magics, and many more opinions on how they should be used. Kingdoms rose and fell, like many others, until two leading factions remained. Clashing, at the climax of the war, a cataclysmic event took place. A great meteor impacted, shattering the surface of Shalar and sending the world back to the dark ages.
  With it, the meteor brought a new ore, eventually deemed Grav-Ore. Now, large continents float through the skies of Shalar due to giant shards of Grav-Ore embedded underneath. This left the peoples of Shalar separated, either on the lowlands that remain on the planet's surface, or on one of the many continents drifting through the skies.
  Eventually, new kingdoms were founded, technologies invented, and contact made between the new shattered lands. Shalar is now a world filled with flying sky ships, seafaring communities, and vibrant new ecosystems all around.