Takeo Shigeda

Once one of the three lieutenants of the Yamato Rengo Yakuza in Chicago. Shigeda-san loves projecting the image of a Yakuza crime boss, and though he draws a great deal of attention to himself, before 2055 he personally remained involved only in the crimes that drew less federal scrutiny: gambling, prostitution, corporate extortion, and protection rackets. While Shigeda was not Japan's first choice, with the arrest of Aoshi and the death of Naito, he has risen to be in control of the Yakuza in Chicago.   Shigeda has the support of three initiated shaman, a Dragonslayer shaman named Yakumo, a Wise Warrior shaman named Irena, and a Cat shaman named Aiko     Yakumo
    Aiko and Irina
If you want to look down from the top, it's the endgame that matters. Ruling today doesn't mean a thing if you lose it tomorrow.


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