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Jungle In Here

While this one-shot was written with Shadowrun in mind, it can be played in any modern or cyberpunk setting. Sample Characters can be found here.
The runners received invites for an all-inclusive week-long scientific conference at the university of Wageningen, one of the cities that are now part of Riverplex. Included was a cryptic suggestion that there would be a job involved. When they receive their badges, staff introduces them to their benefactor, professor Carter. The man is famous for trying to clone dinosaurs.   The professor explains to the runners that his research has earned him many enemies, which includes receiving death threats. He will share his latest breakthrough on Thursday and expects to be sabotaged or worse. Carter asks the runners to keep him safe during the conference. If not, they still get to enjoy the free food and drinks. If they protect him, he will make it worth their while.

Robert William Carter

Birth Year
There are hundreds if not thousands of scientists in the Sixth World that investigate cloning dinosaurs. Of those, Dr. Carter is one of the best in the field. While he keeps most of his methods a secret, the parts he did publish have greatly impressed many out there. Many Megacorps sponsor his research, including a recent active collaboration from Proteus AG.   This year, Dr. Carter will present results at the Wageningen conference. Those offended by his research have en-mass decided this is the right moment to assassinate him. Some groups are upset he 'plays God'. Others think he's trying to clone dragons and either find it sacrilege or betraying metahumanity. His competitors just want him out of the way so they can snatch up his sponsors.

The Run
The conference is real busy as the speakers all have supporting staff with them, as do quite a few of the attending guests. And many of them are petty bastards. As a result, multiple sabotage or even poison others. The runners will get a chance to notice this, or even cozy up to security for extra intel, which gives them a headsup to ways someone might try to kill Dr. Carter.   The multiple sabotage and assassination attempts will be spread out over the conference and could take many forms. Poison, chandeliers falling down, a boobytrap underneath the bed. The runners will have to take many precautions. As a GM, make sure to reward the players their imagination by using at least two of the methods that they come up with themselves.
Job Type
Protection Detail
Base Rewards
7 Karma
Word on the street
"I consider myself a smart man. I would be a fool to not get security."
"He deserves this poison. Death to the lizards and their accomplices!"
"Yeah these scientists are a real twisted bunch. Constantly spiking each other's food and drinks, even lens fluids, wiping each other's data, mild electrocution... I hate having to babysit this vicious lot."
"The bomb is planted. No mercy!"
"Die by the claws of your creation!"

The Complications
Dr. Carter's research is further along than people know. He has already managed to create multiple Dakotaraptors, but not yet trained them well, so they are feathered balls of unsocialized murderous rage. During his presentation, he brings forth an observation container and presses a button that is supposed to turn the opague walls into transparent panes.   However, a small group of dragon-stans have managed to infiltrate Dr. Carter's research team. They have hotwired the container, so the glass shatters instead. Now the runners must restrain these murderballs, preferably without killing them and without too many dead scientists.
The Aftermath
If the runners manage to keep Dr. Carter safe, his cloning process is patented and rich folks begin buying pet dinosaurs. If he dies instead, Proteus struggles to get the kinks out of the system and soon finds themselves being sued by angry customers.   If he survives, Dr. Carter still disappears out of the limelight. Anti-dragon and pro-dragon groups still suspect he will clone dragons,, and both eco-terrorists and religious fanatics still believe that no man has the right to play God. To avoid his legion of enemies, Dr. Carter takes his profits and finds a nice private island to continue his research at.


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