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While this one-shot was written with Shadowrun in mind, it can be played in any modern or cyberpunk setting. Sample Characters can be found here.
While chilling at a sports bar in Amsterdam, the runners are approached by a member of the Dutch Penose that hands them a commlink with an open videocall. The woman on the other greets the runners with a smile and says she asked her footsoldier contact to find her a crew to hire.   She explains she would like the runners to investigate the surroundings of a small farm in Fryslân. The farmer livestreams on Persona 2.0 and Ms. Johnson 'happened to watch the stream' when she noticed something weird. She'll pay the runners daily and extra for milestones. Her one and only condition is that they use the commlink to livestream their investigation. A group of Coyotes will ship them and their gear across, so they won't have to deal with too many roads.

FarmDad / Pops

Birth Year
Pops is a stubborn Frisian running a farm on a Terp, an artificial hill, as his ancestors did long before him. His wife works in the nearby city of Franeker while he makes a living growing crops and livestock. He complements their limited income with daily livestreams on Persona 2.0 under the alias FarmDad. Part of his streams involves maintenance of his storm bunkers.   Recently a Toxic Shaman has been growing in strength nearby, practicing their techniques by causing bad weather and sending out spirits to scout Franeker. Pops's geese noticed these spirits, causing them to behave strangely. Ms. Johnson then saw this unnatural behavior and became paranoid that they might have noticed a threat to her favorite pastime. As such, she decided to hire runners to investigate the area around the farm.

The Run
As a stream VIP, Ms. Johnson easily convinced Pops to let the runners in. He provides them with masks for both privacy and because the geese are trained to ignore people wearing those masks. They can stay in the greenhouse and get viewing rights on all security cameras. However, while Ms. Johnson is fair, she also is impatient. She pressures the team to hurry with their investigation.   The runners can talk to the local militia or the people of Franeker to get hints, but this requires a slow ride by car over a poorly maintained road covered in toxic slick. Additionally, the Toxic Wastelands make magic hard to perform, while freak storms can come out of nowhere. But as they ask around, they soon find out the weather has been acting stranger than normal.
Job Type
Toxic Spirits
Base Rewards
¥600/day, ¥1,200/milestone
8 Karma
Word on the street
"So I just happened to chance upon a farm stream and noticed the geese were acting strangely. I'd like you to make contact with Pops, uh, FarmDad, and investigate the area. I'll pay you every day, plus a bonus for special discoveries."
"Outsiders?! Oh wait, those masks. You Pops's guests? Welcome."
"You're not from around here, right? Best be careful, those storms can come out of nowhere. They keep appearing nowadays."
"What was that?! All I could see was the water attack you! Glad the bullets worked!"

The Complications
Following alarmed behavior of the geese, or other traces they may find, the runners discover the toxic spirits hiding in the water near the farm. The second they are attacked, the farm's automated defenses come to their aid. It still is a tough fight as the spirits try to drown the runners.   Soon after, storm clouds begin gathering overhead. Multiple alarmed subscribers tell Pops that this likely means there is a toxic shaman nearby that's controlling the weather. The runners and militia must quickly find and take out the shaman, before the storm ends up destroying the farm as well as the nearby city.
The Aftermath
Ms. Johnson tops up her pay so far to a total of 6,000 nuyen per runner, while other subscribers help them turn in the Toxic Shaman for a bounty of 3,000 nuyen each, dead or alive. Pops also gives them some tasty fresh produce as the Coyotes come to pick them up. They can barter it back at Amsterdam for some finer booze and other vices.   The weather around Franeker calms down now that the Toxic Shaman is gone. Smugglers that had avoided the place due to the situation are now dropping by again, which means the local economy gets a good boost. Pops even has some pirates drop by in person to buy vegetables.


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