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You might wish upon a shooting star, or go hunting through the rubble at the crater's base for whatever remnants have survived. Many do just that and become rich as a result.   But, if you are fortunate enough to stand in the path of a shardfall at the very moment it rains down, AND you manage to survive. Why then, your wishes will surely come true.   Be careful what you think you're wishing for though and always remember what they say:   "The shards know better."
  A shardfall is the term used to describe the uncommon event of a meteor falling from the Nightbridge that sits high above, glowing bright in the skies of Shadowside and the Lands of Twilight.   They are pure rocks of crystalline Uhd, and as they burn up in the atmosphere, they splinter into shards from the intense forces. These shards may be as tiny as a pin, or as large as a sword, but they are sharp.   When the shards land, there is both physical and metaphisical consequences. In some cases, the explosive force of the meteor hitting the ground will flatten anything nearby, reducing everything to a smoking crater.   Other times, the splintering may be so fine that whatever lies in its path to shredded, while In other cases, the splintering may be so thorough that the shards all by vapourise away, and all that is left is a shockwave of magic.  

Predicting a shardfall

A shardfall is usually preceded by days or weeks of activity within the Nightbridge. Astronomers from the Academy and the Seers of the goblinkin are constantly looking up for any sign. It can be very hard to predict exactly where the Fall will take place, but many try , through calculations or mysticism to find the fall before it hits, or at least soon after. Such an event can be highly lucrative for the well-prepared.


Time quakes and jitters during a shardfall

The areas directly impacted by a shardfall will have localised and highly unstable surges in magical energies. These will manifest in the same way as an acute and short lived time quakes, followed by period of smaller Jitters. Unlike those caused by seismic activity, the ongoing physical destruction is not apparent.  

Mystic zones

Even long after the initial fall, the crater left behind by a shardfall will retain the heightened effects of the Uhd that has been embedded n the landscape. These zones increase the potency of magics used within them, without the instability experienced during the Fall itself. The Seers of the goblinkin often use them as places of prayer, and the priests of the Faceless have learned the power inherent in them. Many an aspiring bloodmage or stoneforger will set up activities in or near a shardfall crater to help their endevours.  

Remnants of a Shardfall

A shardfall will usually leave behind a crater, within which can be found shards of Uhd that have not lost their magical energies. These craters can be quite the boon for those who control access to them, offering power and riches. Some shardfalls can leave sizeable deposits that can take years to deplete through mining operations.   Throughout the age of Shadowfire since the Destruction, there have been countless shardfalls, many of which remain undiscovered, and others still that lie hidden and protected by those who revere them.


Shred heads

A small subculture of people from the Protectorates actively seek out imminent or recent shardfalls to bask in the unstable magics created as a mystical experience. They protect themselves from the worst of the impacts, and attempt to hone their inner desires to try and leverage the stronger than usual magics. They will often come into conflict with others who seek to control the locations for mining and profit.  

Seers of the Goblinkin

The Motu and others consider Shardfalls to be the tears of their goddess Wala, which grant power and insight to those who are firtunate enough to be impacted by them. The danger of them is accepted as part of her trials, and a test for the worthiness of the people. They are abhored by the greed of others who mine the remnants of a shardfall, and will seek to protect the craters of the falls as holy places.  
The Motu tell us that the crystal rocks that fall from the heavens are the Tears of Wala. The Faceless tell us they are a focus for the will of the Preserver. The Deepkin tell us they are frozen droplets of the blood that flows through the veins of the earth.

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