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Darkness is consumed by dark creatures, not filled with them. While creatures of light end up in total darkness during the fierce fights.

The magic in the Seven Worlds works by very simple rules: you take, you give. Creatures can consume their element and then emit it in various forms, essentially using it as mana. All the spells require it. Some spells can be cast with either darkness or light, some spells can be cast with only one of the two, and there are spells that require both. During the peaceful time, shadow magic was more widespread, but it is a lost art at this point. Products created with shadow magic are very vailuable and are usually done by underground Black Market (not dark market, light creatures are organizing it as well). Some people say that there are three mages tops in the whole Seven Worlds who can consume both light and darkness, which makes them self-sustainable and ultimately powerful. Only creatures are able to use magic, so it's mostly absent from the World of Living. Sometimes powers are smuggled there, however. In living form, creatures are usually not that skillful with consumption and keeping of the dark or light energy in living bodies.


Light Creatures can consume light to gain mana, it looks like everything around them becomes darker. It could also be directed. Starts are great targets for Light creatures to consume light from. Dark Creatures can consume their shadow to be more stealthy both in their position and their consumption process. Dark creatures can consume light from localized sources and create lamps, or disperse darkness as a fog to make it dimmer. Consuming darkness from black holes is fair game too.


Consumption of darkness and light are localized around the caster and distance depends on the creature's power. More power you have - further you can reach with your consumption. Sometimes more powerful creatures fill the surroundings of a less powerful creature with the opposite energy and block weaker creature's mana replenishment.

Metaphysical, Arcane

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