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When a sentient being dies, its soul departs the world, moving on to whatever is next for it. Some beings, however, are so deeply entwined in the fabric of the world that the departure of their soul leaves a hole in the world. Through a mechanism that is almost entirely a mystery, under certain circumstances, the hole is filled with power that takes the shape of the departed soul. This "echo" retains much of the memory and personality of the "template", with the notable exception of being soulless. Most "resurrection" spells merely co-opt this mechanism, making most resurrections simply magically-initiated echos. True resurrections always require the direct intervention of a very potent soul.   Echos retain most of the abilities they had in life, although most ensouled creatures are hesitant to interact with them, sensing the odd absence of a soul. This leads echos to often live lives of loneliness, wandering from place to place, until they've worn out their welcome, or their unnatural existence is revealed. However, echos are functionally immortal. While they can be killed, it is exceedingly difficult, with the artificial soul generally able to regenerate a body after some amount of time. Most echos fade into obscurity, but some find meaning in using their unending lives to continue the work of their former lives.   The most famous echo was Siri, who echoed upon sacrificing herself to seal Ambition in the Orb of the Earth the first time. The echo of Siri disappeared, unable to face her friends and risk rejection, taking with her only her loyal friends Reinn and Bua. Siri is notable for being the only documented case of a soul and an echo reuniting. When the Orb of the Earth was destroyed, Siri's soul was free to move on, but the close proximity of her echo enabled her to reinhabit her body, in one of the few true ressurections in the world's history.


Death of soul that is deeply integrated into the world.

Cultural Reception

Echos are almost universally distrusted and shunned. They are seen as unnatural, and many cultures draw no distinction between an echo and the undead. Even cultures that venerate specific echos are hesitant to welcome unknown ones.
Chronic, Acquired
Extremely Rare


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