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A Statement from Damyan Varzand, Archbishop of Pelor and Representative of His Majesty the King of Darren

To the Citizens of Mornhold,   Your resilience in the face of adversity is strong; you have survived a great many trials, from extreme weather conditions, to repeated assaults on your homes. You have trekked into the unknown, charted the undiscovered, uncovered countless forgotten secrets, and shared your newfound knowledge with the wider world. Thanks to your continued efforts and determination, the Serpent’s Spine is rapidly becoming the crowning jewel for the Kingdom of Darren, and His Majesty gives His utmost thanks for your loyalty.   Of course, as is often the case in such untamed environments, not all those who reap the benefits of His Majesty’s protections and generosity have been inclined to return these courtesies in good faith.   Many of you remember the events leading up to my arrival: the Seige of the Mourning Keep. Countless innocent lives were lost that day, and it has recently come to my attention that these events were put into motion by none other than the group now known as the Mourngarde.   Since arriving at the Mornhold, my staff and I have made every effort to work with the members of the Mourngarde; to collaborate, to share information, to request aid, all in an attempt to ensure the continued safety and security of our people.   The Mourngarde has refused our efforts time and time again.   Now, I have learned that they are heavily involved in a conspiracy against the very fabric of the world as we know it. Despite all attempts by the Church of Pelor and the Kingdom of Darren, these wayward adventurers are confirmed to have been withholding powerful artifacts known to contain great, ancient evils, and have, while under their alleged protections, allowed the release of at least two enemies thought to contain the power of ancient gods.   Although not yet confirmed, it is our belief that they are currently in possession of two additional artifacts.   Make no mistake, the joined forces of His Majesty’s forces and the Church of Pelor are the best chance of protecting you, the people, from these ancient mysteries. However, we cannot protect you if you choose to stand against us.   Additionally, it has been reported many times over that some members of the Mourngarde are involved in illicit dealings and blackmarket trades somewhere in the woods to the North. As we all know, the buying and selling of powerful magical artifacts has been restricted, in order to minimize the dangers of rampant, unchecked magic.   We cannot ensure the safety of the Mornhold or its surrounding communities while being undermined from within.   As such, I am ordering an investigation of all known members of the Mourngarde and its allies.   Anyone with information regarding these individuals and their elicit activities should contact Commander Caskajaro at the Keep.  
  • Damyand Varzand, Archbishop of Pelor
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    This statement was issued by Archbishop Damyan Varzand in response to the Mourngarde’s refusal to meet with him to discuss the release of Ambition and Hive, and the weakening of the Orbs of the Sun, Moon, and Void. A group of adventurers from outside of the Guild instead answered the call, and reported all that they have witnessed and experienced to the Archbishop, confirming his fears that the Mourngarde seeks to work against the Church and the Kingdom of Darren.   Thanks to a recently-arrived adventurer in the region, the Archbishop was also made aware of the connection between the Mourngarde and the Sirian Watch, and is now aware that many of their activities have been moved to The Crossroads; while he does not know The Crossroad’s exact location, it was confirmed that those aligned with its inhabitants are able to travel by tree.
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