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Empress Aldelphia Alderwood

Banner Credit: ShivnathProductions and KELLEPICS

Empress of Allentria Aldelphia Alderwood

The head of the Allentrian Imperial Government is the most powerful person in Allentria. He or she makes executive decisions for the country as a whole, and manages the heads of each individual state government.   The title of Emperor/Empress is not inherited; rather, the individual is chosen based on merit and honor. The matter of choice is not left to the mortal Allentrian populace -- rather, the gods select an individual who they deem worthy, someone who is able to represent all Allentrian magics and cultures. Once every hundred years, potential candidates will gather in Noryk to participate in Trials to test their strength of character. Whosoever is most worthy of representing Allentria will win the Mandate of the Gods and be coronated as Emperor/Empress.   Aldelphia Alderwood rose to power at the turn of the Twelfth Age. She won the Mandate after her heroic actions during the Allentrian Civil War, and for the past six selection cycles she has emerged triumphant as most worthy candidate to rule.   As Empress, she is granted long life, and she is granted a magical connection to each of the four guardian beasts of Allentria: Shivnath, Zumarra, Naero, and Valaan. The Empress works in tandem with the gods to protect the magical balance. Unlike the gods, she is allowed to meddle in mortal affairs, so she is able to take certain actions the gods themselves cannot. Although she shares a magical connection with the gods, and communicates with them on occasion, she does not seek counsel from them, nor are they involved in managing the mortal affairs of the empire. The relationship is a strictly magical one, and strictly for the purposes of maintaining magical balance and protecting Allentria from magical deterioration or attack.   Since the head of Allentria is expected to represent all magics, cultures, races, factions, and faiths equally, he or she is subjected to a special magical treatment upon coronation. A potion laced with a powerful lifemagic enchantment is given to the empress; this potion makes her blind to all differences between mortals. Thus, she is able to "see" perfectly well, but she is not able to distinguish differences that might make her biased toward or against any individual over any other. Justice is blind, and so must the empress be. The enchanted potion prevents her from treating humans better than phoenixes; earthmagic wielders better than airmagic wielders; Fironians better than Galantrians; and so on and so forth. She is only able to judge an individual by his/her merits, potential, and strength of character.
Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Empress of Allentria, Head of the Council of Nine, Premiere of the Union of the States, Protector of the Threads, Leader of the First Free Nation
Current Residence
The Imperial Palace
Milky white, blind
Long, gray, and arrow-straight
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pale brown
Aligned Organization

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