World Anvil WorldBuilding Awards 2022

When the WorldAnvil WorldBuilding Awards were announced, I was quite excited but mildly disappointed. I immediately went to my world and scrolled through, trying to find every elligible entry. Unfortunately, the search did not prove very fruitful. I read and reread the homepage and flipped back and forth to see what articles I'd even written in 2022. I don't think it was a very productive worldbuilding year for me, in all honesty. Most of the articles I was proudest of were created in other years and updated more recently, were part of a bigger picture and wouldn't really hold weight as a stand-alone, or were drafted up in the wrong template entirely. I need to do better with these Generic Articles. It's so tempting to default to making any new page one of those, but I need to start making use of other templates, if not for anything but the fact that it will help me not to get shut out of events like this. Nevertheless, I forced myself to go through my world and find something to submit to each category I was qualified for. I didn't make a timeline in 2022, so I skipped that one. I didn't throw a new world up on WorldAnvil last year either, so I didn't bother with that one either. The rest of the categories... I am quite unsatisfied, but I made myself enter and press the button.
Then, I spent the rest of the night into the wee hours updating them all and trying to make them as shiny as possible. I don't think any of these necessarily deserve to win anything, but it doesn't hurt to participate. Entering also guarantees that a judge will look at my work, so that's something. Even if they laugh or skip it instantly, it's better to just do stuff. You never know. Find these entries below, if you care to explore. I also made this page to remind myself of what I submitted so that I don't edit these and stuff during the judging period and disqualify myself lol. This may become an annual article and I can compare and contrast my entries along the years. We'll see...


My WorldBuilding Awards Submissions for 2022


The Heart & Minds Award 2022

An article touching on intellectual, sociological, spiritual or cultural accomplishments and traditions of a people in your world.

For this one, I figured the only applicable article was this celebration. So far, it has only happened once in the world of W.I.L.L.O.W.I.S.P. but proves to have been such a great feat that it is constantly referenced. Many interns and trainees aspire to be honored in the way that Someone Elsewood was and have a party thrown in their name as well. As of today, many have tried, none have succeeded. I wanted to submit other things, but they were not in the correct article template. Oh well.


Rise of Nations Award 2022

An article relevant to the history of civilisations and peoples of your world, and their legacies.

  I had no idea what to enter in this category at first, but the wording brought my attention to this one. The legacies of agents past live on at this monument though, ironically, many avoid going there to pay their respects due to the fact that it is housed upon an island from which no agent has ever been known to return.


Wondrous Nature Award 2022

Your natural world in all its glory — an article describing anything from species to locations, to natural and supernatural events, and bizarre naturally-occurring materials.

Another category I was stumped on. But, as I read the wording, a tranquil spot came to mind. Once again, it was a beautiful landmark avoided by those who have a choice not to behold it in person. Residents of The Styrax are able to visit it daily but this cannot be proven, either, because outside communications are prohibited at this eerie paradise.


Strength & Honour Award 2022

An article relevant to the interactions of the people of your world across a grand scale — diplomacy, war, trade and collaboration, and the people who drive and engineer them.

  When I read the prompt words over and over again, I could only focus on this article. Time Machinery is a significant breakthrough in the world of W.I.L.L.O.W.I.S.P.. Though rumored, its existence drives many of the organization's interworking operations. Many a conflict also surrounds the fabled devices and their powers. The risk of such falling into the wrong hands is too great to take any chances.


Pillars of Progress Award 2022

An article describing a technological or scientific (including metaphysical) accomplishment, or celebrating creations developed by the people of your world.

One of the most fleshed-out tech articles currently in this world of mine, Computerized Alert Relay Systems documents the progression of the integrated technology of W.I.L.L.O.W.I.S.P. vehicles. The scientists behind the operation pride themselves on their advanced AI systems and are always seeking ways to improve it.


Myths & Legends Award 2022

An article describing an aspect of your worldbuilding which are mythical or fictional WITHIN the construct of your world. Examples might include pantheons, urban legends, and stories of non-historical fictional characters

As an alias created for the sole purpose of attending the murder mystery event that took place One Night at Nellindill Mansion, Simon Elmhurst resembles a familiar face. His personality is something that you also recognize...   I wanted to enter The Little Baby Duck article but, unfortunately, I did not make that one in the correct template, so I settled upon submitting this unconventional choice that technically fits the bill.


Time and Space Award 2022

This award is for the best Chronicle created on World Anvil in 2022.

Some of the unimportant milestones of Someone Elsewood's life. I wanted to lay it out in a mysterious way to avoid spoilers but still meet all the requirements. Will it do? Who knows. I accidentally hid Someone's timeline when I was trying to get the little box out of the way so I could take a screenshot because I'm new at chronicles and have no idea what I'm doing. Hopefully that doesn't count as an edit and disqualify me... though I'd be surprised if this won anything. Anyways, feel free to take a look... or, actually, don't. Please dont.
Someone Chronicle


Cartography award 2022

This award is for the best original Interactive Map created on World Anvil in 2022.

Nellindill Mansion
  The recently acquired residence of Brenda and Darius Nellindill, purchased as a celebratory gift to themselves for the substantial progress they made in their newest endeavors to drive their company towards groundbreaking eco-friendly goals. The pricey estate is a pinnacle of luxurious sustainability: spacious rooms, environment-conscious amenities, solar-powered energy, and secret quarters for conducting privy business.   Map created by me (Ossandra White/WordiGirl) with DungeonFog software and elements, with permissions.

  I don't usually craft many maps in this world due to it being based upon real-life places. Still, I should probably start making more because there are so many fictional buildings, islands, and other such places that could benefit from having an illustrative layout. This particular one is part of something larger, but it is the only thing I could think of that would be appreicated without too much further context. The map to Bunker 421 would be extremely confusing to those who are unaware of its origins or story and the Penumbra was created in a prior year. Instead, I presented this: an intricate view of the rooms in Nellindill Mansion along with the guests who visited One Night.... Whether familar with the characters, the murder mystery, or nothing at all, I aimed to entertain with the style of description for each person and room. I love DungeonFog as well and appreciate their mapmaking software that allowed me to create this charmingl detailed floorplan that I am quite proud of.


Best Worldbuilding Article 2022

Any article created within 2022 is eligible for this award.

This was one of the articles that made me most proud in 2022. Unfortunately, I did not put it under the correct template so I couldn't submit it to anything with a template guideline. Thankfully, this generic "Best Worldbuilding" category exists. While this doesn't seem like much worldbuilding, I believe it does a good job of delving into the deep lore of the world by exploring the fiction within fiction. This also teases the mysterious history of Someone Elsewood which is explained in Troubled Beginnings.


Most Beautiful World 2022

There are no creation date restrictions for this award—submit your world Homepage and up to 3 additional articles.

I've seen some wonderfully beautiful worlds here on the site and I don't think mine stands up to them at all! But, I forced myself to enter all applicable categories, therefore, I had to enter this one. I cleaned up my homepage a while ago which is something I'm quite happy with for now. In addition, I shared the articles that I thought helped to highlight some of the intricate formating that I work quite hard on. CSS is a skill I am ever honing and I would love to continue exploring it more this year as well.



Best World 2022

There are no creation date restrictions for this award—submit the world meta, a primer, the homepage, and 3 core articles.

I don't think my world is the best world at all. There is so much I need to neaten up and organize. I also have more stuff in my brain than is out on the page--a problem that can only be solved with more time. Still, I had to enter this category because I could. I took the opportunity to neaten up the official W.I.L.L.O.W.I.S.P. article and turn it into a primer of sorts. Commander McCox's rundown was already there, but I tweaked it a bit and filled in the page. Hopefully, I can expound on it even more in the future. I had already redesigned my world's homepage (as stated above). It isn't the best, but, personally, I think it looks better than it did before.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read over what I've done. Be sure to share which articles you entered into the WAWA below (if you did end up submitting) or just anything you were proud of accomplishing last year. Please continue to encourage and support each other. Remember, no matter what you were able to accomplish, you've done a lot! In real life and creative-wise. Be proud and keep making. <3
God bless and much success with all your plans for 2023!


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18 Feb, 2023 00:54

Oh my goodness what courage you show in your writing and honest words. Your wonderful nature is a beacon to all of use who have feared putting word to public and submitting our works. I have grown since joining World Anvil and it is spirit and determinization like yours that sets more examples to keep all of us growing. May 2023 bring you all your dreams and your quill never run dry.

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18 Feb, 2023 13:28

awww I'm glad you have been inspired, and that I have, perhaps, inspired others. <3 Thank you for your kind words and wishes. I pray the best for you in this new year as well!

Be exuberantly blessed. Much success!!! maybe click here, I guess...
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