...Singed Remnants of a Troubled Beginning...

  (Tweet One)
We lads were allowed to stay awake and witness the birth of 2010. Trivial celebrations? Unimportant. I stole away to the solace of my room. Midnight chimed and I resolved to renew my mind. Never again would I foster such despicable weakness as... attachment.

  (Tweet Two)
I awakened with the sun and the absence of Lewis-- Lewis? Who, now? I set my half of our drawing ablaze, laughing and watching it burn until the caregivers rushed in screaming like madwomen. No longer a fool, I accepted my fate of liminal infinities alone.

  (Tweet Three)
I stayed in for days. Custodians suggested I join the lads out, said solar rays cured depression. I wasn't depressed. I was becoming stronger than ever before. Soon, I'd be back to driving them crazy. Shoulda let me be and enjoyed their peace while they had it.

  (Tweet Four)
'Come,' they said, poised in the tranquil garden reciting lessons, 'No one wants an ignorant lad.' Little did they know, I was the smartest kid in London. I wouldn't get adopted anyway... No matter. What good was wit when they couldn't even recognize the truth?

  (Tweet Five)
Abednego 'ran away' (allegedly), mum and dad are dead, Beatrice and Ferdinand left me here, now Lewis has been whisked off to who knows where. At the daily dawn, I burn my past to ash... so, why are the memories still crawling around the curly bends of my mind?

  (Tweet Six)
Lewis once said, 'Don't burn all the memories. Leave the good ones, at least.' What good ones? Each is connected to the other. Burn it all and move on. Even now, partaking in the memory of his words is most unsavory. All the more proof of how wrong the lad was.

  (Tweet Seven)
Much excitement filled the house whenever interviews between children and potential parents were arranged. I would have stayed in my room but they'd never allow it. Instead, I simply did what I could to make sure none chose me... and what devious fun it was...

  (Tweet Eight)
They guessed at my age when I first arrived but I didn't confirm a thing. Didn't give a name either cause I technically didn't have one. My birthday wouldn't come along for another few years, so no need mention that. Preposterous? Perspicacious, if you ask me.

  (Tweet Nine)
The bell meant another 'important' announcement from Directress. All drifted mindlessly towards the origin of the sound as if under hypnosis, but I stayed right where I was. Nothing here interested me. Only 1,408 more days in this wretched place- if not less...

  (Tweet Ten)
Past bonds... Only Abednego and Lewis were true. The few others? Fake or conditional. Amorous connections? Nonexistent. UNIMPORTANT. The lads sat talking of girls seen in television, books, mags- Two were 'lucky' to have met a real girl. I never got the appeal.

  (Tweet Eleven)
All the lads were infatuated with trying to get adopted. Putting on a well-behaved show, hoping to be picked, to be 'loved'- Pish posh. I saw some try, fail, succeed, go, come back again and still keep trying. I'm the one who doesn't know the meaning of 'love'?

  (Tweet Twelve)
I used to share Bible stories with Lewis before bed. He was ever so curious about it all. When I told of Job, he saw a glimmer of hope for us both. I doubted. If something's restored twofold, tenfold will be taken again- from me anyway. Lewis DID get adopted...

(Tweet Thirteen)
I'd read the estate's entire library. Wasn't long before I'd finished the orphanage's few novels, mags, and comics. If I read anything once, I remember it all down to the page number. The lads knew my nose in a book was only code for 'leave me the heck alone'.

(Tweet Fourteen)
Once, they gave a 'special treat' the lads had never tried: watermelon. I'd eaten nearly every food there is back at the mansion. Mum and dad saw fit I rise cultured. I learned of languages and countries afar but wasn't let half a metre into my own front yard.

(Tweet Fifteen)
Spring had come and gone. Summer was fading. The crickets launching serenades into the night became my only company besides the scattered thoughts and memories that simply wouldn't go away no matter how much time passed-- no matter how many things I burned.

(Tweet Sixteen)
Lying awake at midnight, I recalled Lewis searching for our lives in Bible stories. I knew that mine could not be found in any book. I was the hero of a new, tragic tale that had never been and would never be again- one that surely would not have a happy end.

(Tweet Seventeen)
I leapt up as the small pond came to mind. Lewis and I would sit upon its bridge drifting paper boats down the stream. They had no worries, attachments, or fears. All my life I'd tried to say the same, but care crept back into my heart whenever I shoved it out.

(Tweet Eighteen)
That morning was cool and crisp. The grass was browning, the daisies were wilting, the lads were frolicking about in scarves and jumpers... Autumn leaves were giving up hope, falling lifelessly into the neglected pond- providing me an open option to join them.

(Tweet Nineteen)
The pond continued its call to me like a siren song carried along by the whistling wind. I progressed forward with prayers in my head and oblivious feet. I'd practiced swimming since before I could even crawl back at the estate, but none of that mattered now.

(Tweet Twenty)
They assumed I'd tripped and fallen. Breathing in, I gazed up at the arcaded bridge. Pain never did bother me. At the estate, fuss was made over my every injury. I'd only ever cried thrice-- not ONCE of physical ail. Now, I thought, my heart would hurt no more.

(Tweet Twenty-One)
I revived to a trembling Ms. Gertrude, a kneeling Ms. Abigail, and several hushed lads. The next day introduced a therapist. As not to be a liar, I told him nothing at all. Instead, I asked God why He hadn't taken me. I felt Him reply, 'It's not yet your time'.

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Someone has burned his past to ash... Perhaps you can piece together the singed remnants? This collection of ponderings comes straight from the depths of his own raddled mind.
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