Simon Elmhurst

It's the mysterious man you helped to extricate from that intense bomb situation on Ned Bevy's yacht. You don't know much about him, but he's always been mysterious and somehow alluring, ever since you heard his voice come through over Constance Harbor's communicator last year. The last thing you remember is his signature maniacal laugh and the fact that he made sure to blow up Bevy's yacht as you all flew away from it in the helicopter despite the fact that the bomb had been defused moments before. Strange tendancies... who can know what his plans are for tonight???




Someone Elsewood introduces himself under the alias Simon. Clarice Waterstone tells everyone that he is her partner before he can oppose. He is very mysterious and seems awfully quiet and observant when he is not actively being addressed in conversation.     When the lights go out, Simon immediately rushes out of the room. When the lights come back on, he is nowhere to be found. Clarice seems very annoyed and paranoid, but she still tries to cover for him, although it is quite obvious that she is highly irked by his behavior.
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