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Nellindill Packaging Company

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  After running the Nellindill Plastics Company for years, Brenda S. and Darius L. Nellindill decided that they no longer wanted to create harmful plastic packaging that was harsh on the environment. On a detour from a luxury vacation caused by a nearby storm, the couple observed the negative effects their products had on the environment. Witnessing the pollution with their logo strewn all about, they made a decision to reform their views and reinvent their company.


The organization is run philosophically in the same way that they have always run the Nellindill Plastics Company. They have kept the Nellindill Plastics Production District and their grateful employees, but shut down for a year or two to devote time, money, and energy into bringing the apparatus up to eco-friendly code, training the workers on new processes, and coming up with brilliant packaging ideas that made less of a negative impact on people, plants, and animals.

Public Agenda

After their mishaps with Ned Bevy, the couple are now known for being leaders in the eco-friendly packaging industry. Their efforts are recognized all over the world.


The Nellindills used a lot of their previous equipment to transition over into their new eco-friendly state. The machinery that was not reusable was recycled into new machines or put to use elsewhere. The couple is very concious of how they utilize all materials and facilities.

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Rebranding, Refocusing, Rebuilding

It required lots of hard work and dedication from the Nellindills and their family, friends, and employees to overturn their processes and create their new company specializing in sustainable efforts. They were forced to cut ties with several snack brands and other merchandising organizations that did not want to continue packaging their products in the new containers that were sustainably created. Some of the companies preferred plastic. Others were simply opposed to change. The rest refused to pay a higher price and instead decided to patronize other plastic companies elsewhere.   Still, dispite all opposition, the Nellindills let nothing stop them from Rebranding, Refocusing, and Rebuilding their facilities, business structure, and philosophies to Reflect the mantra of Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. This major alteration attracted lots of buzz. News outlets from all over the world began covering the couple's story. While they did receive a lot of friction and criticism in the beginning, the gossip slowly began to work in their favor and their company name was soon in the mouths of billions of people all over the planet.


  • Nellindill Mansion
      The recently acquired residence of Brenda and Darius Nellindill, purchased as a celebratory gift to themselves for the substantial progress they made in their newest endeavors to drive their company towards groundbreaking eco-friendly goals. The pricey estate is a pinnacle of luxurious sustainability: spacious rooms, environment-conscious amenities, solar-powered energy, and secret quarters for conducting privy business.   Map created by me (Ossandra White/WordiGirl) with DungeonFog software and elements, with permissions.
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