Morven or "Big Gap" is a large island surrounded by a large, deep sea. The island is unique in that its geography of a frigid north and a blazing hot south, with a sudden change to each straight down the middle.This change is due to the "line" being a massive, sheer cliff at a near 90 degree angle; it is unknown how this cliff formed, but each clan has their own theories. The two different factions that live on this island (The Northerners and The Southlanders) often get into skirmishes or squabbles over resources, disputes, difference of beliefs, and other various but minor reasons. Despite this, there has never been an actual war, as neither side is interested in trying to claim the others land, due to it being a stark contrast to their own home biomes. While some are wounded, these squabbles leave cause very few casualties. There are several Clans and Tribes spread out over their respective homes, each specializing in a different craft.


Morven is one large island, with several smaller chunks slightly off the coast to its north-east, a smaller island to its west, and a hidden island to its south-east. The northern region of Morven starts with the Cold Region, where some vegetation grows, but all-year-round cold, and terrible winters. Then the Frozen North, where its a constant winter, and the only things that can grow or survive are strange, part-ice creatures, and strange frost-resilient crops. Even further north lies the Glaciers. The region is so cold that all water is frozen all year around, allowing for safe travel between each of the smaller islands. An underground river carries some Glacial Spring water down into the southern region, allowing for vegetation to grow in the Shrub Lands. The Shrub lands are directly south of the Cold Region, and sport a decent amount of arid vegetation and wildlife. The shrub lands are sprinkled with ancient ruins, their origin unknown. To the east of the shrub lands are the beaches, where the weather is fair, the sand is soft, and the waves are calm. None choose to live there, however, as the local crab population has grown to massive size, with giant crabs roaming the beaches. To the furthest south are the Blazing Deserts. Nothing can survive in the intense heat, but buried ruins can be seen from where it is safe. To the west of Morven is the Council Island. A small island with a unique set of ruins that appear like a council ring. To the southwest of Morven lies the hidden island. It can only be seen from the Blazing Desert, as a large rock wall blocks its view from the beach and surrounding region.

Flora & Fauna

The North is home to several winter-resilient species, with large coats to keep them warm. The Frozen North is home to animals that are strangely imbued with ice; Horns, claws, and some other parts are made of a strange, hardy type of ice. In the south, coats are thinner, and animals tend to grow much larger and much more aggressive. Nothing lives in the Blazing Desert. The beaches are home mainly to Giant Crabs.

Natural Resources

Wood, Stone, Fish, Jewels, Clay, Iron, Steel, Wildlife, Vegetation
Included Locations
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