Steinnmundr or "Stone's Protection", is a Nordic/Norse village in the far north of Morven; deep within the cliffs and rock mounds that border the nothern ocean. Ivars' people live there, enjoying an isolated but peaceful life, if a bit cold. Due to being on raised hills and mountains, they've developed lever and pulley systems for travel, fishing, transportation and defences. Steinnmundr mines and produces a rare materiel only found in the farthest north; Frost Ore.


A Steinnmundites worth is decided by the strength of one of three things; Their Body, Their Heart, or Their Mind.


Village Chieftain chosen by blood lineage


Harsh cold environment, village built around large rocks, sharpened log walls, watch towers, gates


An Isolated Village, they don't trade; But they produce Fish, Wood, Iron and Steel, Weave Clothes and Forge Tools, and build Longboats.


Windmills, Forges, Docks, Farms, Herding Grounds, Stone Roads, Shipyards


Iron, Steel, Wood, Fish, Fluffy Snow Cows


Steinnmundr has existed for quite a long time; but most of its history was lost when the building that archived their history was burned to the ground, with most of their tomes and scrolls still inside. This was not of much bother to the Steinnmundites, who don't care for history quite as much as they probably should have, and chose to erect a fighting arena where the building once stood.


Wooden Pillars and Walls, Stone Walls, Straw Roofs; A mix of houses and longhouses adorned with carvings and dyed cloth


A village located within a large circle of sharp cliffs, with several large rocks scattered throughout the village that have been carved by the inhabitants; the village borders the ocean, which houses a shipyard for fishing and travel boats. To the north, the Frozen Glacials. Massive glaciers and water frozen so cold, it is easy to travel between the islands on foot in any season. To the south, the Cold Region. Not as cold as the Frozen Region, but still cold enough to deter anything with a thin coat from travelling into the north. To the West, Council Island. The Steinnmundites use it to meet with the Gnolls, when such a thing is necessary.

Natural Resources

A couple forests are located near the village providing wood; The nearby ocean provides fish and fishing jobs, one of the large rock clusters housed a cave which was purposed into an Iron and Steel Mine. Large heards of Snow Cows, Frost Sheep, Ice Goats, and Snow Chickens lived in the area, the difference from their warmer-climate brethren being that their coats are much thicker, and any claws / horns on the animals are made of a strange form of Ice; they have since been domesticated, being herded via Kulning by Ivars people. A variant species of several farm crops and vegetables were found to be able to grow in the frozen soil; providing a healthy diet to keep them strong. A smaller business was formed around bee-keeping for an ice-resilient species of bumblebee, that allows them to enjoy honey as a treat. A unique ore was found underneath / around Steinnmundr, dubbed "Frost Ore". It has similar properties to the horns and claws of the creatures in the northlands, being made of ice, but extremely hardy, with a very high melting point. Can be forged into frost weapons.
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