Frost Ore

A rare and highly valued material found only in underground veins in the most northern parts of Morven, Frost Ore is an Ice-like ore that retains its chilling cold even at its melting point; becoming a molten liquid that can be forged into two materials. When mixed with another material (Usually Steel or Copper, sometimes other ductile materials) It becomes Frostite, a slightly flexible but sturdy metal, used in tools, weapons, minor armor pieces, decorations, jewels, etc. When mixed with Carbon, it becomes Shivermite, a brittle metal that shatters / explodes on heavy contact. This is usually used in arrow tips, thowing axe/spear heads, etc.


Physical Characteristics

Frost ore resembles regular Ice, but is much harder and much colder.


Frost ore is dangerous to touch with bare hands, as it constantly exudes a mist of cold and is extremely cold to the touch, requiring thick leather or fur gloves to handle. No matter the temperature it is heated to, it always retains its extreme cold touch, while still becoming a molten liquid.


Frost Ore is used mainly for weapons and tools. So far, two different materials can result from mixing with Frost Ore.

Geology & Geography

Frost Ore is found in the far north parts of Morven, buried under the stone in veins.

Origin & Source

How and where it came from is unknown.

History & Usage


Found by miners looking for ores during the construction of Steinnmundr; workers were mining and broke into a naturally-formed cave system with glacial waters and frost ore veins.

Cultural Significance and Usage

It is deeply rooted in Steinnmundr culture, being used for decoration, armor decoration, weapons and tools, etc.


Extremely cold to the couch, requiring Leather or Fur protection when making physical contact. Extended contact leads to hypothermia and freezing.



Due to its difficulty and danger to handle, Frost Ore is not stored, and is taken straight from the vein when its needed.

White with a blueish tint
Boiling / Condensation Point
2000 C
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