Cansu or "Life Water" is a Large Tribal village located in the southern shrublands of Morven. Tents, huts, wood or stone houses and shelters populate the insides of the large stone ruins that the Cansu Gnolls call home. The ruins and surrounding shrub lands are able to grow because of an underground river running from the north of the island. Inside the ruins, the river emerges from the ground, creating the Glacial Spring. Cansu was the first Gnoll tribe formed, and it has the most variance among its people; Gnolls of many different shapes and sizes, colors and personalities, with Cansu having one of the most wide-spread amount of jobs and crafts out of the tribes.


A Cansu Gnoll usually takes the job of either parent, continuing the family name in either direction. All jobs are viewed as important in Cansu society.


Tribe-Chief makes the decisions, with advisory from the Lore-Mother or Lore-Father and other Gnolls of notable respect, reknown, skill, or wisdom. A Lore-Gnoll is one who has been selected for this duty either from experience, or interest in history. Tribe-Chieft ultimately has the final say, but if the tribe takes issue with the Chieftains decision, they can be challenged for position as Tribe-Leader.


Massive flat shrubland plains provide great visibility, with large stone ruins used as walls / protection. Wooden watchtowers and bridges.


Due to being the only Gnoll tribe, they do not trade. They produce Pottery, Gems, Stone/Iron Weapons, Iron/Cloth/Leather armor, clothes and jewelry


Tents, Huts, Houses, Ruins holes and rubble turned into homes, Market Stalls, Market Road, Stone/Dirt roads, animal pens, small crop lands


Stone, Leather, Clean Water, Pottery, Clay, Gems


Gnolls were one of the many Shrubland species that called the southern lands home; but unlike the other beasts, the Gnolls were smart enough to begin to band together. On the fast-track of evolution, they quicky grasped language, tool making and usage, recording their history, etc. Cansu was the first tribe to be formed, and would become the largest, home to the widest variety of Gnoll knowledge and skills. The location was chosen for the large ruins that would provide excellent protection from outside dangers and weather, with the river of fresh and clean water providing sustenance for the Gnolls.


Wooden and cloth huts stretch across the ruins, taking up any place where there is room. Certain sections of the ruins are for designated activities, like the Training Ring or the Market Hall. Several houses are also made from holes or small areas of the ruin, being part stone ruin and part wooden hut.


Cansu is located in the center of a large shrub land, stretching on for miles in every direction. To the south are the blazing deserts, too hot to travel through. To the east lies the beaches, with soft sand and palm trees. To the west, Council Island, where the Gnolls meet with the Northmen to discuss things, if it is needed.

Natural Resources

Glacial Spring Water, Stone, Iron, Gems, Clay, Some tamed animals that are more tolerant of the warmer shrub lands.

Nothing is known about the ruins that they live within. They cannot translate the engravings, and there are no scrolls or tomes leftover to learn from. Similar ruins are spread far throughout the southern region, with not a single ruin to the north.

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