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The Wolf Berserker || Blue Moon

Jarek is the Chief of the Berserker Clan, a Fierce warrior known as the Wolf Berserker, for the wolf pelt he wears, and the unique fighting style he uses. Continuing his families tradition, he raises Dire Wolves that came with them on the boats, gifting pups to warriors to serve as companions, both in life and in battle. || Asta is a Dire Wolf, companion and combat partner to Jarek; her white fur a rarity among her kind. Unusual for wolves, she carries a great sword strapped to her back, able to wield it with her mouth.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Well Built, Athletic, Sturdy || Well Built, Stocky, Large

Body Features

Pale White Skin, Runic Tattoos || White Fur, Blue Body Paint

Facial Features

Hidden eyes under wolf pelt hat || Blue hand print over left eye

Identifying Characteristics

Wolf pelt / Fur armor / Tattoos / Paw Mark on chest || All-white fur / Blue Paint Markings / Hand print on face

Special abilities

Berserker, has a higher tolerance to pain then most, can enter a hyper-focused state that puts his body and mind in full battle mode || Turns into a werewolf during full moons or other rare occasions

Apparel & Accessories

Leather and wolf fur armor Wolf pelt hood 2 hand axes, carried on the hips, identical, wood shafts, leather grips, frostite axeheads 1 long axe, carried on the back, wooden shaft with leather grip and frostite axehead || Frostite Greatsword & Leather Sheath, strapped to body

Specialized Equipment

Handaxe/Longaxe/Greatsword combat, hand to hand || Jaw+Sharp Teeth, Paws and Claws, Greatsword carried in mouth

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Jarek was born in Steinnmundr, raised as a warrior. As part of his families unique tradition, Jarek recieved two things; he was taught a unique field of fighting, what others often called "berserking"; and he was given a puppy, a dire wolf with an all-white coat. Jareks family prided themselves as dog-raisers, and each member of the family had their own dire-wolf from youth. While the majority of the warrior groups and fighting styles were organised around remaining stoic, calm, and intimidatingly in control of themselves and the battlefield, Jarek was trained to allow himself to be guided by his emotions, to control them and use them as motivation; to use an overly aggressive style of combat to truly get his heart racing. Berserkers are thrill seekers, and using the influence from the act that earned him his title, he gathered like-minded folk and set out to build a 5th clan to the east. || Raised by Jareks family in Steinnmundr, born in a litter of 3, Asta stood out from her siblings with her unique coat, an all-white coloring, with stark blue eyes. Given to be raised by Jarek as his companion, the two grew and trained together from a youth.


Berserker Training / Dire wolf raising || None


Originally a warrior for clan Steinnmundr, Jarek is now Chief of the Berserker Clan; guiding and training his people in a path of self-control and embracing life.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Steinnmundr miners were digging in the mines looking for more veins of frost ore, when they accidently opened a hole into a large cavern, containing a massive, hibernating bear-like creature with claws and teeth of hardened ice. The disturbance awoke and angered the creature, sending it into a frenzy. The miners retreated, and Steinnmundr mobilised it's warriors in an attempt to stop the beast before it destroyed their home. Any traps they laid were ignored, and a vicious battle ensued. It smashed into their lines and scattered them, sending the organised warriors into disarray; it was then Jarek distinguished himself by clashing with the beast, and slaying it, earning the title "Wolf Berserker".

Morality & Philosophy

Jarek believes that a true warrior is one who is sound in body, mind, and soul, taking care of them well. Using emotions as motivation and partaking in things that get the heart beating; this includes not-fighting activities as well.

Personality Characteristics


Thrill of battle, hunting large creatures, thrill-seeking activities || She's basically a large dog so she gets excited about anything

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Flexible, very good at mobility || Fast, distracted by food

Virtues & Personality perks

Patient, understanding, compassionate || Excitable, friendly, affectionate

Current Location
Current Residence
Berserker Clan
Biological Sex
Male || Female
Green || Blue
Brown Shaved || White Fur
6'6" || 6'6" / 8'3"
205Lbs || 210Lbs
Quotes & Catchphrases
"Good girl" || "Bork"


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